Public Relations

Front page of a printable brochure about changing ringing, featuring image of bells ringing in a belfry.
The Art of Change Ringing Brochure (download)

The North American Guild of Change Ringers seeks to extend the appreciation of change ringing among the general public and multiply the number of change ringers. We realize most of that growth will be through the efforts of local groups. In support of those goals, the guild’s executive committee is delighted to help local groups raise awareness, attract new ringers and improve the standard of ringing.

While unveiling the charm of change ringing to more people can be fun and gratifying, it can also be exhausting and discouraging. The guild can help by identifying resources, assisting with publicity, and offering encouragement.

If you would like help drawing attention to your local band, we encourage you to contact the guild’s public relations officer at

Here are some ways the public relations officer can help:

  • Coordinate with local groups to draft press releases and send press releases to local media outlets. Several previous press releases have generated coverage.
  • Assist with award achievement (such as the guild’s young ringer award) and subsequent publicity.
  • Help identify existing online resources and examples of posters and flyers.
  • Help develop good relations with the owners of bells.
  • Make buttons we can wear to spark conversations about change ringing.
  • Engage in conversation. If you are looking for ideas or are getting discouraged, let’s talk. The public relations officer will also check in occasionally to hear how things are going.