Join the Guild or Update Your Information


To renew your membership, unless your contact information or band affiliation has changed, you can skip this form. All you need to do is pay the appropriate dues for your category. To change to a different category, simply select the new category from the pay your dues page.

To update your information, whether at renewal time or any other time, submit the form farther down on this page.


If you just have to make a minor change to your contact information, tower affiliation, or other details, you can simply email the membership secretary. You can also submit the form below with your new information.

Joining the Guild

You may follow the instructions below or print our printable membership form (new tab) and mail your form and payment.

Step 1 - Apply

Submit your information electronically using the form below.

Step 2 - Pay Dues

You will then be directed to the dues page to pay the appropriate dues associated with your membership category.

Step 3 - Sign Up for Web Account

After you pay your dues, you you will be directed to sign up for a web account to access The Clapper and other members-only content. After you register, your account will have to be approved by the membership secretary, which may take a few days.

Membership Form

New Member – I have never been a member before, ever.

Update – I have been a member before. I am updating my info, renewing, or reinstating my membership.

Resident Ringer – Voting membership – for residents of North America who are also a ringer or learner. If you have never been a member before, you must name a sponsor.

Associate – Non-voting membership – for residents of North America who do not ring. No sponsor is required.

Non-Resident Life – Non-voting membership – for non-residents who wish to be eligible to ring peals for the Guild. Does not include newsletter. No sponsor required.

New resident members must have an existing member "sponsor" them. Please list the name and tower/band of your sponsor. Associate, Non-resident life, and renewing members need not complete this field. If you do not have a sponsor, contact us.
May we include your contact info in the members-only directory?
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