Orleans Ringing Camp

August 8, 2018
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Summer Ringing on Cape Cod

Once again this summer our home band has had the privilege and opportunity for a few days of intensive practice and instruction here in the tower of the Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans Mass. The band is comprised mostly of Community of Jesus members or children of members, living here on the shore of Cape Cod Bay. As other Cape residents could attest, it can be daunting to attempt something like this during the finer summer weather because so much else is going on at the same time around here. But by careful planning, rolling up of sleeves, extra cooking and schedule squeezing it came off once again! We have been extremely blessed in the years since we started (coming up on 9!) to receive many outstanding and generous experienced ringers and teachers into our circle. But in particular Eddie Futcher (Boston) and Quilla Roth (Washington) have returned faithfully each August, sometimes with others to form a supporting band, but always ready to teach, lead, push, whatever the various need is for each of us. Indeed it is hard to imagine where we might be without their dedicated help - recalling that there were no trained ringers here when the tower was built and bells installed. Joining them this year to help us was Julia Cater of the U.K. She was serendipitously on a holiday trip in our area and generously modified her family's travel arrangements to be with us. She is a wonderful teacher, and since her daughters Bethany and Paisley are both learning ringers we were delighted they could participate as well. All in all a brilliant experience, and we trust an important step forward for each of us!