Old North Church – AGM 2019

August 27, 2019
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I made a video of our experience on Saturday, to share with people back home to try to explain my obsession – I mean, hobby; Laura Dickerson suggested that I post it here. (By the way, Laura, I stole your phrase "a sound of Colonial Boston" for my title.)


Please let me know if you see any mistakes in my captions; I am a novice ringer (& a novice iMovie user).

A big thank you to everyone who helped organize this AGM conference, and who rang handbells with me. I had a blast!

~ Laura

P.S. A big thanks also to Lynn from NY/NJ, who squeezed over and made room for me on the platform in the bell chamber. And to Danielle, who helped me ring backstroke at Old North.

Old North Church (AGM 2019) – standing near bells & ringing (video)