Could you conduct a peal?

May 18, 2016
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Last year I wrote about the ‘First Peal 2015’ campaign, which aimed to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the first recorded peal by helping 300 ringers worldwide achieve their first peals. The campaign proved a popular success and the goal was achieved with a month to spare (eventually reaching 387 first-pealers by year’s end); here in North America we did our part, with 19 residents scoring their first.

Where to go from here? Well, the same folks who brought us the ‘First Peal 2015’ campaign have followed that up this year with an effort aimed at helping 125 ringers call their first peal as conductor. (The goal is perhaps even more ambitious than last year’s target; the number was chosen to honor the Central Council’s 125th anniversary.)

It would be great to see North America make a substantial impact once again. So if you’ve called a few quarter peals and have always been half-interested in making the leap to a peal, this could be the year for you!

A project like that will probably begin with your local band. If you need further help getting it off the ground, please drop me a line; as your Peal Secretary, I want to do whatever I can to be useful! (My address is .)

Last year, the goal was to find 300 new peal ringers. This year it's even more ambitious: 125 first-time peal conductors.