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March 12, 2016
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Posted: 16 Sep 2016 04:35 PM PDT

by Faithful Friar

There is not much in this life that is more moving than to hear a bell tolling from the tower. Its mournful, rhythmic cry interrupts our self-centered lives with the demand to pay attention to something other than our busy schedules. It causes us to wonder – who died? What has happened? Who has been lost to us? We begin to count the rings, three – four – five…until we lose track because they are too numerous, or something steals our attention away.

Such was the case this last Sunday when the Anniversary of 9/11 fell on a Sunday and marked 15 years since the terror attacks on the United States. The #10 Bell in the tower at the Church of the Transfiguration began tolling at 8:46 a.m…and did so 5 more times to mark the destruction of so much that we held dear….or was it calling our community to prayer and celebrating the lives of all who arrived at the gates of heaven on that day? Was it indeed a mournful sound or a somber rejoicing? People came and went by the tower all morning, the bell weaving its sound through our sunlit Sunday. Finally, with all seated in church, the final toll began and ended at 10:28. Like a spell being broken, we were reminded once again that many lives were sacrificed that day—some were given and some were taken. We were grateful to be called to remembrance and prayed once more that we would never forget.


Posted: 02 Sep 2016 11:05 AM PDT

by Faithful Friar

A couple of weeks ago, we had a bell workshop for two and a half days. Ringers joined us from Boston, Nantucket, and Washington, D.C. We have a number of new ringers that have recently joined. The following is a brief interview with our youngest bell ringer (11 years old).

Q- What made you want to ring bells?

A- It looked fun and I thought it was an opportunity a lot of kids don’t have.

Q- Was it what you were expecting it to be like?

A- No! It was a lot harder!

Q- What did it feel like?

A- It was scary at first. It’s not so much now. The first night, I went home and was so tired, I just crashed. My stomach and shoulder muscles were sore.

Q- What would you tell a friend who was thinking about ringing?

A- I would tell them to try it. It’s really fun!

Q- What’s the best part?

A- The best part is being with people. There are people of all different ages and they teach you all about the bells.