2018 Trinity Shield - 6 and 8 bell striking competition

July 19, 2018
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This year’s Trinity Shield Striking Competition will be hosted by the Washington Ringing Society at the National Cathedral on October 20, 2018. Building on last year’s 8-bell event at Trinity Church New York, this year’s event will be expanded to include a 6-bell competition, as well as additional ringing opportunities at the Old Post Office, Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS), and Fredrick. Bands from all over North America (and further afield!) are invited to enter, and individuals not part of a formal band are encourage to join one of the ‘pick-up’ bands that will be finalized on the day. The focus will again be less on competition and more on an enjoyable weekend of ringing, eating, drinking, and fellowship. if you’d like to hear more please contact Stuart Barton email:stuart.john.barton@gmail.com