To recognize and encourage young ringers, the North American Guild of Change Ringers' Executive Committee is pleased to receive nominations for the Jeff Smith Memorial Young Ringer Award from April 1st, 2024 to May 1st, 2024.

The award is intended to:

  • encourage ringing areas to develop young ringers,
  • encourage young ringers to develop their skills, and
  • create a media event around award recipients.

To qualify for the award, the ringer will satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Current membership in the North American Guild of Change Ringers
  2. 22 years old or younger
  3. At least one quarter peal or peal rung between May 1st 2023 and May 1st 2024
  4. Submission of a nomination, including a statement from a local ringing master that the young ringer has contributed to the health of the local ringing community.

Nominations can be made online using the online nomination form (new tab) or you can use the printable form (new tab).

We hope to encourage more young people to try ringing and develop their skill. We also hope ringing groups will use the award to generate publicity.  We plan to announce the awardees at the AGM.

Nomination Forms