At the close of nominations, the Guild had received only one nomination for each officer of the NAGCR Executive Committee. Therefore, an election for these positions is not necessary.  However, there will be a ballot to be distributed shortly for the Membership to vote on the nomination of Diane Amison-Loring for Honorary Life Membership and two changes to the By-Laws.

Congratulations to Josh Burson on his becoming the new Newsletter Editor and many thanks to Diane for all of her work over the past 10 years as the editor.  

The 2022 officers will be:

President: Bruce Butler, Philadelphia

Treasurer: Bob Aldinger, Hendersonville

Peal Scretary: Frederick DuPuy, Washington

Membership Secretary: Mary Platt, Marietta

Newsletter Editor: Joshua Burson, Boston

Education Officer: Quilla Roth, Washington

Public Relations Officer: Tom Farthing, Chicago

Central Council Representatives:

  • Bruce Buter, Philadelphia
  • Eileen Buter, Philadelphia
  • Beverly Faber, Brewster
  • Christian Haller, Rochester