Meet Symphony & Joe

A couple in their 30s, nicely dressed, smiling on a lush green hillside.

Symphony and Joe are new ringers at St. James Episcopal in Marietta, Georgia. A young couple in their 30s, Joe is an archeologist and Symphony an English teacher. Besides ringing, they enjoy hiking, nature, and playing with their dog, Harper.

How did you get involved in ringing?

We traveled to England for the centenary of Symphony's great grandfather's actions in WWI for which he received the Victoria Cross. He was also a bell ringer. There were two separate rings that took place for him, and we were so touched because it was something that he enjoyed. In Worksop, they took us to the tower where he rang, let us pull on a bell, and we could see his picture and name still hanging there. We learned about NAGCR, and so as soon as we were back home, we were pleased to see there was a tower in our area. We are grateful to have met such wonderful people at St. James.

What aspects of ringing do you enjoy the most, and what are you working on?

Joe: What I enjoy the most is when you just get in the rhythm of ringing and forget yourself. I would like to ring a quarter peal.

Symphony: I find it oddly exhilarating, but perhaps that's because I'm still learning how to properly ring! I am working on feeling confident enough to ring for other people and to visit other towers.

We are both working on learning bobs.

What ringing accomplishments are you most proud of?

Joe: My first public ringing as part of a service.

Symphony: Being able to raise and lower the bells. It took me a long time, and I still haven't mastered doing it in peal. One day...