Meet Faith

Faith has been ringing for 40 years at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia. She is a retired social worker.

How did you get involved in ringing?

My aunt, who rang in both Australia and England, introduced me to the bells in Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, when she was visiting for Christmas in 1976. Fascinated, I started to learn in January of 1977 and have rung two or three times a week ever since.

What aspects of ringing do you enjoy the most?

There is nothing as great as ringing heavy metal bells with the rest of the band—all of us in disciplined concentration in order to achieve the desired pattern of sound. It has been a great delight to visit towers in other countries.  Ringers ‘from away’ are always welcome to join with a local band regardless of their level of expertise.  I have ‘scored’ ten towers in Australia, six in New Zealand, one in Ireland, several in England, and several in the United States and Canada.

What ringing accomplishments are you most proud of, and what do you want to do in the future?

The most satisfying event in my ringing career was participating successfully in a quarter peal of Plain Bob Maximus in Toronto.

As an experienced ringer, what advice do you have for people who might be interested in ringing?  

My advice to someone who is interested in learning to ring is to be willing to devote at least a year of your time to it.  At that point, you will know whether or not it is for you.  The early stages of learning are sometimes frustrating, but persistence pays dividends.