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Québec City May Weekend

May 26, 2023
May 29, 2023
Québec City

Save the date! Québec City will host ringers May 26-29, 2023 for our May Weekend. Details TBA.

Register for the Québec City May Ringing Weekend 2023

Please complete and email this registration form to Quebec.Ringers@POBox.Com by the middle of April.




Home Tower/Group:_________________________________________________

Arrival and departure:

I'll be arriving in Quebec City (exact time and flight number if requesting a lift)_________________________

I would like a lift from the airport. _________ (number in group) _________

I'll be leaving Quebec City (time that you want to arrive there if requesting a lift) _______________________

I would like a lift to the airport. ___________ (number in group) _________

Friday Cocktail + PowerPoint: History of Quebec by David Mendel

Friday ringing starts at 3:00pm, then 5:30-6:30pm cocktail + historical talk about Quebec, in Carter Hall. The cocktails and talk are free, offered by the Quebec Guild.

I will attend the cocktails and talk ________(number of people) _________

I will be there on time for ringing, but not attend the cocktails and talk _______

I won't be there on Friday for either ringing or the cocktails and talk ________

Saturday Dinner

Saturday night, at 7 pm, you're invited to attend the Ringers Dinner at Carter Hall. Bring your own beer/wine. The Saturday dinner is $30 per person, payable on arrival, when you pay for the weekend.

I will attend _______ (number of people) ___________

I will not attend _____

Sunday after service choice

After service ring takes place immediately following the service (at approximately 12:30pm). At the same time, in Carter Hall, David Mendel invites parishioners and ringers to bring a sandwich and listen to a second presentation, British Influence on Quebec Architecture.  The talk will take 30 to 40 minutes, and coffee and tea will be provided. Afterwards, ringing sessions will continue all afternoon until dinner.

I will attend the talk _______ (number of people) _________

I will not attend the talk _____

We will be asking eight good ringers to do the after service ring a long touch (30 - 40 minutes) of a Surprise Major Method or Stedman Triples (perhaps even a quarter attempt?). If you would rather attend the talk than ring, and think that you may be one of those invited to ring, please be sure to tick the attend the talk box.

The fee for the entire weekend is $10, which includes drinks, fruit, and home-made snacks. All fees are payable in Canadian dollars once you get to Quebec.

Please register if you are probably coming even if you are not absolutely sure. It helps in planning the fabulous Saturday dinner, and in buying and making the drinks and snacks. It is alright if we have leftovers, but a disaster if we run out of scones. When we receive your registration, Andrea will email you for more details about your ringing experience and expectations for ringing over the weekend, to help with planning the schedule.

Please complete and email this registration form to Quebec.Ringers@POBox.Com by the middle of April.