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2021 Annual Guild Meeting

September 17, 2021
September 18, 2021

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AGM Member Meeting Documents

Member meeting: 3:00pm Eastern, Saturday September 18, 2021

The agenda, last year's minutes and interim reports will be available to download through the "Access to AGM Documents" link on the schedule

We hope you will come to the online AGM weekend September 17th-18th, 2021.  In addition to the official meeting, we have several breakout sessions, a pub game, opportunities to ring online and a chance to see old friends and meet new ones.

We are looking forward to the breakout sessions.  The titles are:

  • Funny Ringing Stories
  • Simulators
  • Future Ringing:  In Person and Online
  • Pub Quiz

The schedule lists the times and brief descriptions.  We hope you find the breakout sessions enlightening and useful.

This year we will use Zoom for all voice and video communications including the official meeting, ringing sessions, and breakout sessions.  Online ringing will be run using ringingroom.

Post what you ring on the weekend to BellBoard! We’ve created a BellBoard event https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/event.php?id=13807 (new tab) for the AGM weekend so that quarter peals, peals, and even special touches or plain courses can be associated with the event. If your band isn’t ready for a quarter or peal, maybe you have a particular method you’re working on. Why not ring a touch or even a couple of plain courses and dedicate that to the AGM?

Following the meeting we’ll have an online social event via the same Zoom link and including several breakout rooms so that people can easily get together in smaller group conversations. Closer to September 18, we’ll send everyone a reminder email including the Zoom link for the meeting and post-meeting social event, the link to info about local in-person events, and the BellBoard event info.

If you would like help with Zoom or ringingroom or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Tom Farthing at nagprofficer@gmail.com

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