The Clapper

Vol. 49 No. 2, Spring, 2022

The cover of this issue
  • Bruce Butler Obituary, by B. Zook, A. Leeves, C. Wichowski, H. Haller, G. Myles, and J. Burson
  • Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus, In Praise of Bruce Butler, by Elizabeth Wein
  • Bruce Butler: A Remembrance, by Eileen Butler
  • Bruce Butler, Tour Leader Extraordinaire, by Helen D. Haller
  • Bruce Butler Memorial Weekend, by Josh Burson
  • George Walton Williams Obituary
  • Gordon Stuart Peek Obituary
  • Fred E. Dukes International Bell Fund Favors Christ Church (Raleigh) Project, by Ed Futcher
  • Ringing Education in North America -- Looking Forward
  • Area Reports
  • Officer Reports
  • Performances
  • Tale Ends