Showing ringing to the tourists. (Photographer: Dianne S P Cermak, New York, Sep 2009)Festival picnic. (Houston)
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Change Ringing? What's That?

Change Ringing is . . .
A team sport
A musical performance
An antique art &
A demanding pattern-based exercise
. . . All at once!

See change ringing in action and learn more...


Aug 26—Kathryn Tucker More...

UPDATE: A memorial service for Kathryn Tucker has been scheduled for October 11, 4 pm, St...
UPDATE: AMENDED TIMING OF SERVICE. The memorial service will take place at 5:00pm on October...

Aug 17—September 20-21 is the 250th Anniversary of the Clock and Bells at St. Michael's Church. More...

Event Reports

2014 NAGCR AGM in Washington DC Elizabeth M Sinclair

2014 Pittsburgh ringing course Aug 8–10. Michael Hinton

2nd Annual Illinois Tower Bell Bash May 31 – Jun 1. Tom Farthing

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Twelve Bells . . . and Then Some Madeleine Cheesman

250 peals at The Advent Jun 7. Don Morrison

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The New Ringer's Book
Harrison and Lewis
A spiral bound book written for the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Education Committee. An excellent resource for both student and teacher with many photos and diagrams.

157 pages

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North American Peal Ringing 2013 Don Morrison

Alternate source of bell information Carl Scott Zimmerman, Webmaster,

Plus 1 response

The Smoke Ring Michael Hinton

Ideas for recruitment William Hronas

Plus 2 responses

2012 Quarter Peal analysis Rick DuPuy

Plus 2 responses


The Clapper

Summer 2014, Vol. 41, No. 3

Photo of the Day

People find seats
People find seats. (Photographer: Dianne S P Cermak, New York, Sep 2009)

Photo and Video Albums

Spring Dinner Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA, Mar 2014 A Thomas Miller

AGM 2013 Hendersonville St. James Episcopal Church, Hendersonville, N.C. , Sep 2013 Joy Franklin

Sonando Cambios New York, Dec 2009 Nancy Garcia

Philadelphia Spring Dinner Philadelphia, Mar 2012 A Thomas Miller

New York City Area Meeting New York, Dec 2011 John Danaher

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Renew online?
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How do you address lack of motivation from your ringers?
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