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October 10, 2020

Aloha. (Well, the AGM was going to be in Honolulu.)

We hope you will come to the online AGM weekend October 9-11, 2020. In addition to the official meeting, we have a full slate of presentations, a pub game, opportunities to ring online and a chance to see old friends and meet new ones.

Click here to open a spreadsheet that contains the schedule and other information. (Note: We will update the spreadsheet as more details are worked out.)**

The registration form is here. For planning purposes, we would like to have registration information by October 1st. Even if you don't register by October 1st, please still come. We don't need to make meal or travel arrangements, so we can be pretty flexible. Also, since the event is online, you can come for as much or as little of the weekend as you like.

We are looking forward to the presentations. The titles are:

Recruiting for Diversity and Excellence Workshop
Recruiting and Retention
Ask the Tutor
New Guild Website
Pub Quiz
Podcast Discussion
The Bells That Never Were: Unsuccessful Proposals for New Rings in North America, 1974-2020

The spreadsheet lists the schedule, presenter(s) and a brief description. We hope you find the presentations enlightening and useful.

The AGM meeting itself will be held Saturday at 3:00 PM EDT and the agenda, last year's minutes and interim reports will be available to download.

The meeting and presentations will be run through Zoom. Ringing sessions will be run using Discord. Online ringing will be run using ringingroom. We will host a pre-AGM technology session on Saturday, October 3rd for anyone who wants to become more comfortable with Zoom, Discord and/or ringingroom. More information about the technology session can be found in the spreadsheet and the registration form.