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Annual Quarter Peal Weekend

January 17–20, 2020

Annual Quarter Peal Weekend in Philly

Join us in Philly for the annual quarter peal weekend over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. This year the dates are January 17-20. Over the years, ringers have been able to score quarters in methods that may not be possible in their own tower/handbell group. This is the opportunity for aspiring conductors to call a quarter and ring with a band that could most likely ensure success. This practice ringing and conducting quarters will help your own tower to move on. We will ring a variety of methods and nothing is impossible if we have the participants. Please do plan on coming for more than the Saturday. There are some great deals for “overnighting” in Philly, as well as many Airbnbs.

For those of you who have not yet experienced a quarter peal weekend in Philly, ask someone who has. It is a weekend filled with camaraderie, refreshments, libations and, of course, lots of ringing.

Please share this with members of your band, copy as necessary, and fill in the form below and return by January 9 if you are interested. Completed forms should be returned to: Bruce Butler, 829 N. 25th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130 or sent via email to: We can also be reached by telephone at 215-765-8736, or text to 267-902-7178. I look forward to your reply and another successful event.

Name ______________ Telephone ________________ E-mail ____________________

Arrival: Day &Time_____________________Departure: Day & Time_________________________

Methods I would like to ring (Be specific i.e. P. Bob Major, London Minor, Grandsire Doubles and if in tower or hand)

_______________________________________________________ _____________________

Methods I would like to conduct (Be specific i.e. P. Bob Major, London Minor, Grandsire Doubles and if in tower or hand)

_______________________________________________________ _____________________

Maximum number of quarters I am willing to participate in: Per Day _____

There will be a minimal charge of $15 for the weekend festivities that will cover refreshments for the weekend and for the traditional evening meal on Saturday.

Contact: Eileen Butler

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