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Annual Quarter Peal Weekend Philadelphia, January 15-18

Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

St. Mark's Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

January 15–18, 2016


I am planning another quarter peal weekend for January 15-18 which is the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. We will be able to ring at both Philadelphia towers. The idea is to give ringers an opportunity to ring/conduct methods and to achieve goals that may not be possible in their own tower/handbell groups. The methods to be rung, therefore, cover a wide range. Bands will be organized in such a way as to accommodate requests and to predict success without jeopardizing striking. In order to meet this objective, please bear this in mind when listing your preferences for choice of method or attempt at conducting. To help the less experienced ringers, I will be asking you to participate in other quarters.

Please share this with members of your band, copy as necessary, and fill in the form below and return by January 6 if you are interested. Completed forms should be returned to Bruce Butler, 829 N. 25th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130 or sent via email to: . We can also be reached by telephone at 215-765-8736.

I look forward to your reply and another successful event.

Bruce Butler

Name __________ Telephone ________________ E-mail _______________

Arrival: Day &Time_________________________

Dep: Day&Time_________________________

Methods I would like to ring (Be specific i.e. P. Bob Major, London Minor, Grandsire Doubles and if in tower or hand)


Methods I would like to conduct (Be specific i.e. P. Bob Major, London Minor, Grandsire Doubles and if in tower or hand)


Maximum number of quarters I am willing to participate in:

Per Day _____ Over Weekend ________

Other suggestions or comments

There will be a minimal charge for the weekend festivities that will cover refreshments over the weekend and the traditional evening meal on Saturday ($10-$15)

Contact: Eileen Butler