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Performance Reports

Week of February 10, 2020

This week, 1 peal and 2 quarters in 3 different methods were reported from 3 locations.

Locations: Seattle, Toronto, Washington.

Methods: Plain Bob Major, Yorkshire Surprise Royal, Plain Bob Doubles.

A new report goes up every Wednesday containing performances through the previous Sunday. To get your performances up as soon as possible, please post them on BellBoard by Wednesday night.

North American Guild
Toronto, Ontario (Cathedral Church of St James)
On Sunday, 16 February 2020 in 50m (8)
1Michael G Hinton
2Pauline H Smith
3Linda D Rankin
4David A S Hawkins
5Robin E C Clarke
6Madeleine R Cheesman
7Callum Smith
8David Wilcox (C)
Treble - Circled the tower to quarter peals
4th - 50th quarter peal in this tower
5th - 100th quarter peal in this tower
90th Birthday compliments to Dean Emeritus Duncan Abraham
Retirement Compliments to Cathedral Archivist Nancy Mallett
Last revised on 16 February 2020

North American Guild (Not yet verified by the Peal Secretary)
Washington, District of Columbia (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul)
On Sunday, 16 February 2020 in 3h 25 (32-0-4 in D)
Brian E Whiting
1John Hitchings
2Quilla Roth
3Beth Sinclair
4Tina Hitchings
5Robert Bannister
6Frederick DuPuy (C)
7Cecily W Rock
8Georgina Barratt
9Robert G Gibson
10Alexander T Taft III
Last revised on 16 February 2020

North American Guild
Seattle, WA, USA (University of Washington)
On Sunday, 16 February 2020 in 42m (6-0-6)
1Patrick G Ma
2Kristine K Fowler
3Melissa Cheng
4TJ Marchello
5Rebecca A Woodgate (C)
6Carleton MacDonald
For our ringing friend, Robert Hurley - hope you "peal" better and get "bell" soon
To welcome Carleton MacDonald to Seattle and to celebrate Kris Fowler's visit
First quarter peal away from cover: 1
First quarter peal in method: 4
Last revised on 18 February 2020