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Performance Reports

Week of August 12, 2019

This week, 1 peal and 4 quarters in 5 different methods were reported from 5 locations.

Locations: Alexandria, Cambridge, Frederick, Manchester, Raleigh.

Methods: Bristol Surprise Major, Double Norwich Court Bob Major, Plain Bob Minor, Plain Bob Doubles, Cambridge Surprise Minor.

A new report goes up every Wednesday containing performances through the previous Sunday. To get your performances up as soon as possible, please post them on BellBoard by Wednesday night.

North American Guild (Not yet verified by the Peal Secretary)
Frederick, Maryland (Calvary United Methodist Church)
On Saturday, 15 June 2019 in 2h 54 (9-2-18 in Ab)
Donald F Morrison
1Beth Sinclair
2Callan Ordoyne
3Kira R Chase
4Quilla Roth
5Lian von Wantoch
6Robert G Gibson
7Cecily W Rock (C)
8Alexander T Taft III
First Bristol, 2
With best wishes to Alice Zalatoris, Frederick ringer and friend of Washington ringing, on her departure from Frederick
Last revised on 20 August 2019

North American Guild
Cambridge, Massachusetts (MIT)
On Monday, 12 August 2019 in 43m (8 in C)
1-2Alan T Winter
3-4Jeff Del Papa
5-6Austin J Paul
7-8Eric R Trumpler (C)
Last revised on 13 August 2019

North American Guild
Manchester, Lancashire (Cathedral and Parish Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George (Tower Roof))
On Tuesday, 13 August 2019 in 31m (12 in F)
1-2Stephen R Aldridge
3-4Alison N Stevens
5-6Leland Paul Kusmer (C)
Last revised on 13 August 2019

North American Guild
Raleigh, USA (Christ Church)
On Wednesday, 14 August 2019 in 43m (4ΒΌ)
1Elizabeth Hartzell
2Miriam Dixon
3Margo Acomb
4John I Mabe (C)
5Richard Parsons
6Harry McKinney
Rung half-muffled during the interment of ashes and prior to the memorial service for Thomas Sims Erwin (27/5/1945-9/8/2019), a bell ringer at this parish.
Last revised on 14 August 2019

Alexandria, Virginia (Virginia Theological Seminary, Immanuel Chapel)
On Friday, 16 August 2019 in 48m (10-3-14 in G)
1Susan M O'Neill
2Paula Fleming
3Jane O'Keefe Meyerhofer
4Katharine S Emmons
5Robert G Gibson
6Gregory J Watson (C)
Last revised on 16 August 2019