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Performance Reports

Week of September 19, 2016

This week, 5 quarters in 5 different methods were reported from 5 locations.

Locations: Alexandria, Québec, Seattle, Victoria, Washington.

Methods: Grandsire Triples, Doubles (4m), Grandsire Doubles, Stedman Triples, Kent Treble Bob Major.

A new report goes up every Wednesday containing performances through the previous Sunday. To get your performances up as soon as possible, please post them through the NAG form at Campanophile by Wednesday night.

Victoria, British Columbia, Christ Church Cathedral
On Saturday, 17 September 2016
1Madeline Holden
2Margaret Ketchen
3R Brett Wormley
4Madeleine Cheesman
5Gregory t Woods
6Anne Hutton
7David Wilcox (C)
8Dan Tregunno
#1 First Quarter Peal
For the 80th anniversary of the installation of the bells at Christ Church Cathedral.
For the dedication of the Izard plaque
For the NAGCR's AGM being held in Victoria
Submitted by thebutlers on 23 September 2016.

Seattle, Washington, University of Washington
On Tuesday, 20 September 2016
(480 Grandsire, 240 St Simon, 240 St Martin, 300 Plain Bob)
1Natalie Klco
2Alexander E Holroyd (C)
3Bruce N Butler
4Eileen Joy Butler
5Rebecca A Woodgate
6Ryan M Roulier
Celebrating 32nd Wedding Anniversary for 3 and 4.
Fiftieth quarter peal in the tower.
Rung at the conclusion of the 2016 NAG AGM.
First quarter away from cover: 1
Submitted by Rebecca Woodgate on 26 September 2016.

Québec, Québec, Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity
On Thursday, 22 September 2016
1André Huot
2Douglas H. Kitson
3Isabelle Couture
4Benjamin Waterhouse
5Andrea Falk (C)
6René Lessard
First recorded quarter of doubles by an all-local band since the bells were installed in 1830.
First in method #3.
Rung open in celebration of the lives of Jan Earle, a ringer of our guild, and Robert Donald Kitson, brother of #2.
Submitted by Andrea Falk on 23 September 2016, last revised on 27 September 2016.

Washington, District of Columbia, Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul
On Sunday, 25 September 2016
1Katharine S Emmons
2Susan M O'Neill
3Quilla Roth
4Mary Clark
5Frederick DuPuy (C)
6Robert Bannister
7Cecily W Rock
8Carleton MacDonald
For the Cathedral's service celebrating the 109th anniversary of the laying of its foundation stone.
Submitted by Washington Ringing Society on 25 September 2016.

Alexandria, Virginia, Virginia Theological Seminary, Immanuel Chapel
On Sunday, 25 September 2016
1Susan M O'Neill
2Quilla Roth
3Katharine S Emmons
4Frederick DuPuy
5Gregory J Watson
6Robert Bannister
7Cecily W Rock
8Robert G Gibson (C)
For evensong.
First Kent as C.
Submitted by Robert G Gibson on 26 September 2016.