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Announcements Archive: 2013

Death of Barbara Knight, Burlington NJ

Barbara Knight – Resident Member of NAGCR since 1991. One of the original group of bell ringers from St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Burlington, NJ. passed away on Christmas Day.

Born in Syracuse, NY, she was a longtime Burlington resident. She received her Bachelor's degree in Music from Tusculum State University in Tennessee. She also attended Glassboro College.

She was a substitute teacher in Burlington County for many years and had also worked as an administrative specialist for Simon and Schuster in Riverside for many years.

Barbara was the organist and choirmaster for St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Burlington for over 30 years.

Visitations will be from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 29 and from 10 to 10:45 a.m. Monday, Dec. 30 at Old St. Mary's Church, W. Broad and Wood streets, Burlington. Requiem Eucharist will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, W. Broad St., Burlington. Burial will follow services in St. Mary's Churchyard.

Condolences may be sent to the family through the funeral home's Web site below. Page Funeral Home, Burlington:

Posted Dec 27, 2013 by A Thomas Miller

Ballot Results

The balloting is closed and the results of the ballots are in. Two ballots were disqualified for not being signed on the outside of the envelope, as required by the balloting rules.

Of the balance of 90 qualified ballots, the results were:

#1 amendment – 17 votes

#2 amendment – 21 votes

#3 amendment – 50 votes

Vote against all 3 amendments – 2 votes

Having received a majority of the 90 votes cast, the proposed amendment #3 passed and is incorporated into the By-Laws effective January 1, 2014.

Posted Dec 27, 2013 by A Thomas Miller

Toronto in the news

Toronto in the news.

Posted Dec 26, 2013 by Don Morrison

Tribute to Eddie Martin

Tribute to Eddie Martin

This tribute was shared at the December 10, 2013 business meeting for the College Youths in London. Hopefully folks who both did and did not know Eddie will appreciate the man we knew, as well as the role he played in making the North American Guild the organization it is today.


It is with a heavy heart that we send this American tribute to our friend Eddie Martin, who passed away on November 18, 2013.

Eddie started ringing at Great Bowden Leicestershire in the early 1950’s and rang his first peal on May 30th 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. Eddie rang a total of 245 peals (161 in tower and 84 in hand), 173 of which he conducted. Eddie was elected to the College Youths in 1983 and wore his CY tie with pride but was also very happy to be in a “mixed marriage” with his wife Ann, who is a Cumberland.

Eddie had a lifelong fascination with composition, especially the rarified world of triples, with its difficult puzzles of fitting together all 5,040 possible rows. Besides innumerable peal compositions, he also assembled a variety of new and interesting triples methods, including the triples principles Martin's and Artistic. He authored two books on twin hunting triples methods and at the time of his death, he was writing a book on Stedman.

Eddie first visited the Washington DC area in 1968 and moved here in 1971, an exciting time for ringing in North America. The installation of the bells at the National Cathedral in 1963 had energized the few ringers here and in 1972 the North American Guild was founded with Eddie as one of the original 141 members. He went on to conduct numerous first peals for the Guild and for North America including the firsts of Grandsire Triples and Cinques, Erin Caters and Cinques, Stedman Triples, London Major, Yorkshire Royal, and Spliced Surprise Major, most of which were rung in hand. He held several offices in the Guild over the years including that of peal secretary, education officer, and editor of the North American Guild publication, the Clapper.

Eddie met his future wife through The Ringing World. Ann was one of the early ringers at the National Cathedral and wrote a school essay on bell ringing that was later published in the journal. After the article was published, Eddie wrote a letter to Ann. They corresponded for several years, developing a relationship which grew stronger while Ann studied at Oxford. They were married at the National Cathedral in 1971, a place their daughter Lucy referred to as his spiritual home.

Although Eddie’s ringing resume is interesting, it does not help anyone who did not know him understand why we will miss him so much. Since he first entered our lives in 1968, we came to know him as a wonderful friend, teacher and ringing evangelist. In the weeks since his death many of us have shared Eddie-centric anecdotes and personal thoughts, some of which we repeat here.

Eddie conducted a handbell peal of Plain Bob Minor in September 1972 that took place in a brown Mercury Cougar as it traveled on the New Jersey Turnpike from Washington DC to Massachusetts. He, Ann, and Marj Batchelor Winter rang while another ringer, Mary Clark drove the car. The successful peal attempt continued even as Mary stopped at a rest stop, leaving the three of them ringing in the locked car.

Don Morrison recounts that when Ann and Eddie’s eldest child, Tim, was two or three, he was sitting in Eddie's lap during a touch of Stedman Cinques in hand, with Eddie ringing one bell on either side of him. At one point when Eddie said "Bob" Timothy immediately shouted "No bob, daddy, no bob." Eddie proceeded to call a different touch but there was of course discussion afterwards about exactly how Timothy had learned the phrase "no bob."

Rick Dirksen recalls a peal of Plain Bob Max rung in hand in a building believed to be unoccupied at Groton School in Massachusetts. At the conclusion of the peal, Eddie rushed into the room, told them to shut up, and had them flee through another door. Apparently a family, with small children past their bedtime, was within earshot and very very angry. Eddie had managed to keep the furious parents at bay for nearly 2 hours with promises that this was a Guinness World Record, that it would be done soon, that they were nearing the end, that they were almost finished etc.

Marj Batchelor Winter captured his enthusiasm in an e-mail describing the excitement of ringing in the US in the 1970’s: “He was not just another competent ringer, not just a part of the band, but the backbone. He was conductor, composer and general all-round encourager. He made any band stronger, he gave all ringers confidence, he was the sort of catalyst that made the inspiring things in the 70’s happen. Our paths did not cross very frequently in recent years, but I feel his loss quite acutely for all that. Somehow knowing he was there in the world somewhere made the world seem a better place.

Eddie’s humor, patience, and persistent kindness will be missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with his wife Ann, his brother Ray, and his children Tim and Lucy.

Signed, Beth Sinclair

Many thanks to Don Morrison, Ann Martin, Bill Kollar, Quilla Roth, Mary Clark, Marj Batchelor Winter, Theresa Rice, Ray Martin, Jeff Smith, and Rick Dirksen for the recollections and factoids they contributed to this tribute.

Posted Dec 09, 2013 by Elizabeth M Sinclair

Central Council Update

I am not sure how many of you look at the Central Council website, but there is a wealth of information there. At the Public Relations Committee meeting held last month, it was suggested that each society or guild should make their members more aware of thiis. As one of your Central Council representatives, I want to make you aware that the President writes a monthly blog that can be found on the Central Council website. Her latest one can be read at:

In addition the Central Council also has its own Facebook page and Twitter account.

Posted Dec 03, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

December 14 Area Meeting in NYC

December 14 Area Meeting in Trinity, NYC. Please see the calendar for updated information on the Area Meeting.

Posted Nov 27, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

The Smoke Ring

The Toronto ringers are delighted that Michael Hinton's "Smoke Ring" has arrived, and we are challenged with

mastering the idiosyncracies of a mini ring.

We hope to have The Smoke Ring available at the 12 Bell Weekend, June 27, 28, 29, 2014. Mark your

calendars and look forward to ringing Maximus and The Smoke Ring. All are welcome.

Posted Nov 27, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

50th Anniversary Celebrations

It is with great enthusiasm on behalf of the Washington Ringing Society (WRS) that I invite all members and friends of the exercise to join us in Washington, DC over the 2014 Memorial Day weekend, May 23-26, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the dedication of the peal bells of Washington National Cathedral. We are planning a true gala weekend featuring peals, general ringing, a seated formal dinner, evensong, camaraderie, and of course good beer. We are looking forward to friends, foreign and domestic, joining us in this celebration.

The WRS has been encouraged over the past weeks to note an already growing enthusiasm for this anniversary. A recent Ringing World editorial (p1023) noted the first ringing of the Cathedral bells in 1963, and the “50 Years Ago” piece (p1097) featured a letter from Russell Young describing the Groton School ringers’ experience on that occasion. We were very pleased our friends in the Bath and Wells Association recently rang a peal at the Cathedral on the very same day exactly 50 years later (p1153).

In an effort to help us in planning, I ask that you take just a minute to complete a brief “Save the Date” form: We will use the information gathered to help develop the formal schedule of events. Responses by January 15, 2014 would be very much appreciated.

I hope that this notice gives our friends plenty of advanced notice to make affordable travel decisions. In the event that you cannot join us, I would encourage you to consider ringing with us from your home tower over the weekend. Additionally, please consider coming to Washington for the 2014 North American Guild AGM, Aug. 30 - Sept. 1, especially if you can’t make the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Again, all of us in Washington very much look forward to your joining us in May in person or in spirit!

Alexander Taft
Chair, WRS 50th Anniversary Committee
Washington, DC

[This announcemnt was also recently submitted to the RW.]

Posted Nov 22, 2013 by Alexander T Taft, III

Very Sad News -- Eddie Martin

Eddie Martin died unexpectedly on November 18th during a scheduled operation. Eddie was a much loved member of the Washington, DC ringing community since 1971 when he married Ann and moved from England to Washington. He was also an Honorary Life Member of the North American Guild and I believe designed the NAGCR logo. Funeral arrangements have not yet been set.

Posted Nov 19, 2013 by Quilla Roth

Update added Nov 22, 2013 by Alexander T Taft, III

The Funeral mass will be held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2424 K Street NW, Washington DC at 11:30 am on Saturday, November 23rd 2013. Donations may be made to a fund for a tree to be planted in the Bishop's Garden at the Washington National Cathedral in his name. Checks payable to All Hallows Guild, marked "Eddie Martin" and sent to All Hallows Guild, Washington National Cathedral, Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues NW, Washington DC 20016-5098.

Reminder - New Castle Ringing - Sat, Nov 9

Join us for some doubles and minor ringing in the historic town of New Castle this Saturday afternoon from 1-4. Please see the calendar listing for more details on the event which includes arrangements for wine and cheese and the evening dinner. All welcome.

Posted Nov 08, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

doubles practice, Trinity Wall Street, Sat. Nov. 9 at 9:30 a.m.

Doubles practice at Trinity Wall Street on Sat. Nov. 9 at 9:30 a.m.

If you are in the NYC area on Saturday November 9, and would like to grab a rope and get your ringing fix, we'll be having a doubles practice at Trinity Wall Street for that morning--again, Sat. Nov. 9--at 9:30 a.m.

We'll be working on R&CC and plain hunt on 5 and on PB Doubles. Our end time is not yet set, but I expect the general practice to go through 11 a.m. or so.

To join the fun, please just drop me a line -- jeremy bates 3 [no spaces] at that google e-mail outfit. Looking forward to welcoming you to Trinity.

Posted Nov 07, 2013 by Jeremy Bates

doubles practice, Trinity Wall Street, 10/26 @ 9:30am

Doubles practice at Trinity Wall Street on Sat. Oct. 26 at 9:30 a.m.

If you are in the NYC area on Saturday Oct. 26, and would like some 8-bell practice, then let me start by referring you to the Brewster/Kent announcement below by Paul Windels. Paul tells me that the Brewster/Kent meeting has a very good signup, but that more ringers are welcome.

If you are in the area and would like some doubles practice, I am organizing a doubles practice at Trinity Wall Street for that morning--again, Sat. Oct. 26--at 9:30 a.m. We'll be working on plain hunt on 5 and on PB Doubles. Our end time is not yet set, but I expect the general practice to go through 11 a.m. or so.

To join the fun, please just drop me a line -- jeremy bates 3 [no spaces] at that google e-mail outfit. Looking forward to welcoming you to Trinity.

Posted Oct 19, 2013 by Jeremy Bates

Mid-Atlantic Area Mtg in DC Sat Oct 12th --Abbreviated Schedule

Because of the federal government shutdown, we cannot ring at the Old Post Office. Because of an all-day Acolyte Festival at the Cathedral, which starts with a service at 10am, we cannot be at the Cathedral before noon.

The plan is therefore to have an abbreviated noon - 4pm scheduled. People should plan to arrive at the Cathedral (West End elevator) at noon for lunch in the tower (provided) and ringing on the simulator noon - 12:30pm and again 1:00pm - 2:00pm (after the 12:30 - 1:00pm carillon concert), then open ringing 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

If you're planning to come and have not already let either Bruce Butler, Mary Clark, or Quilla Roth know, please let us know! Thanks.

As of Thursday 10/10/13, we're expecting 8 from Orleans, 1 from NYC, 2 - 4 from Philadelphia, and 6-9 from DC. If you're also planning to come and have not already told either Bruce Butler, Mary Clark, or Quilla Roth, please let us know! Thanks.


Posted Oct 10, 2013 by Quilla Roth

New Ring For Nashotah House - letter from Rev. Alexander Pryor

New Ring For Nashotah House - letter from Rev. Alexander Pryor

I'm writing to pass along an announcement that may be of interest to NAGCR members (...please forgive me if this information has already come your way).

Nashotah House Theological Seminary, founded in 1842, has just been given an 8-bell ring cast by Whitechapel in 1990. I believe this will be Wisconsin's first change ringing tower, and will be located at the heart of our campus, located about half way between Milwaukee and Madison.

The bells will be officially received by the seminary this coming Thursday, which will kick off the fundraising effort to erect the tower, with the goal of letting these long-silent bells speak soon for the first time.

For more information you could contact:

The Rev'd Charleston David Wilson

The Office of Institutional Advancement

Nashotah House Theological Seminary

2777 Mission Road

Nashotah, Wisconsin 53058

(262) 646-6500 t

I hope this information might be of interest!


The Rev'd Alexander R. Pryor, B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed.

Associate Director of Chapel Music, Nashotah House Theological Seminary
Deacon, Anglican Network in Canada

Posted Oct 09, 2013 by Candace Higginbotham

Update added Oct 10, 2013 by Don Morrison

Here's a little more:

2014 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

Once again the Guild's Book Service will be ordering Ringing World Diaries and Calendars for members. Please take advantage of this service. You may email me your order and then put a check in the mail. (Unfortunately, PayPal is not yet an option)

The Ringing World Diary 2014 contains quick reference pages for methods, touches, quarters and contacts. Content updated for 2014: latest CCCBR and association contact details; First Peals, Record Lengths and Notable Events; The Great Bells of Britain; Doubles to Maximus methods and touches; pages of hints and tips.

This year's calendar features towers from Kent, England.

Please see the details posted below for ordering inforamtion.

Cheers, Bruce

Ringing World Diary 2014 and/or Ringing World Calendar 2014

To obtain a 2014 Ringing World Diary and/or Calendar please send a check in US or CDN funds payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler 829 North 25th Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard Diary – USD or CDN $12.00

Standard Diary with Pencil in spine – USD or CDN $12.50

Leather Diary – USD or CDN $20.00

Calendar - – USD or CDN $12.00




Add USD $2.50- CDN $2.50 for each item if you wish airmail (not really necessary at this time – October)

Total Amount Enclosed $

Posted Oct 06, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

Yale receives $250M pledge for new colleges

Today Yale announced that it has received a pledge of $250 million for its new residential colleges from Charles Johnson '54.

Yale's announcement of the gift is here.

The general fundraising website for the new colleges project is here. The web page on the "ringing room" gift opportunity, which says that the ringing room is already "funded" and that there will be "12 bells," is here.

Posted Sep 30, 2013 by Jeremy Bates

Brewster-Kent Area Meeting Oct. 26

We plan to focus the Brewster portion area meeting on eight-bell plain method ringing. We will concentrate on Plain Bob, Little Bob, St. Clement's, and Double Norwich, including splices, touches, and a quarter peal attempt. While all are welcome and we will have some open ringing -- including rounds and call changes with learners and our junior band -- we'd like to devote the bulk of the ringing to the major methods in order to help people build up their repertoires in that direction.

We will have coffee and breakfast and lunch at Brewster. Depending on interest, we will see about the options for an early dinner after ringing at Kent.

We look forward to seeing many friends on Oct. 26 and for a fun day of ringing.

For more information, please contact me at or Matt Bogen at

Posted Sep 30, 2013 by Paul Windels III

More news coverage of the Hendersonville AGM

More news coverage of the Hendersonville AGM: and

Posted Sep 28, 2013 by Don Morrison

TV Coverage AGM 2013 Hendersonville

We had local TV coverage this (Wednesday, 25 Sept) evening:

Posted Sep 26, 2013 by Robert Aldinger

Ringing in Bucklebury for the royal birth on NBC's Today Program

NBC’s Today program had a news crew in Bucklebury, England waiting for news of the royal birth. Thanks to John Durham, Bucklebury tower captain, you can view a segment of the July 23rd Today program in Bucklebury, with Michelle Kazinsky at a bell practice of local ringers planning to ring a new method for the royal baby at:

Michelle gets a little confused about the difference between a quarter and full peal. No matter, she takes a lesson on camera!

Posted Sep 19, 2013 by Candace Higginbotham

2013 AGM Agenda



SEPTEMBER 28, 2013















Posted Sep 10, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

A new ring

We have received information that Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA has reportedly just placed an order with Whitechapel for an 8-bell, roughly 11 cwt ring. Construction is shortly to being on a new chapel to house the ring. Hopefully, we will see a new ring for the Washington area. Further information will be posted as available.
Posted Sep 03, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

Update added Sep 03, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

A new ring!

Call for AGM Registrations

Saturday, 24Aug13, due date for Hendersonville 2013 AGM registration. We'll hope to see registrations arrive by the end of next week, as perhaps a few waited until the last minute to mail. Info contact:
Posted Aug 24, 2013 by Robert Aldinger

Two week countdown

Registration deadline is August 24, just two weeks away, for the AGM in Hendersonville. See the link under event schedules for registration forms. Queries: . Yes, we really want to see you, and for you to visit our lovely area.
Posted Aug 11, 2013 by Robert Aldinger

Ring Around Charleston: Feb. 21-23, 2014

Charleston, SC beckons you for Ring Around Charleston in 2014 !

We have four towers participating; three within easy walking or a very short drive in downtown Charleston (St. Michael's Church, Grace Church, and The Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul) and one within a 20 minute drive on beautiful Sullivan's Island (Stella Maris Church).

QPAs, general ringing, and two nights of socializing, southern hospitality, and good cheer ! Plus you can escape the cold and snow and enjoy fantastic beaches and birdwatching, historic neighborhoods and gardens, and eclectic southern cuisine.

Please visit the weekend's web page for event details and payment information.

(Note: If you choose to pay online you will be redirected to Paypal where you can pay with a major credit card or your Paypal account.)

For securing lodging:

-- The Ringers of Charleston

Posted Aug 09, 2013 by Kit Matthew

Alice Allgood Herring

Alice Allgood Herring passed away after a long battle with cancer on Friday, July 26, 2013. Alice learned to ring shortly after installation of the bells at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Honolulu in 1991. She and her husband Walt became avid ringers and strong supporters of tower bell ringing. For more information:

Posted Aug 04, 2013 by Robert Aldinger

Toronto in the news

Toronto in the news, conjoined with subway stations and apiaries.

Posted Jul 23, 2013 by Don Morrison

Birmingham in the nws

Birmingham in the news.

Posted Jul 23, 2013 by Don Morrison

AGM and Course Sep 25-29, 2013

St James, Hendersonville hosts the 2013 AGM and Course Sep25-29. Register for course by Wed, Jul31, and AGM by Sat, Aug24. For more information and registration forms:
Posted Jul 17, 2013 by Robert Aldinger

Come to Orleans!

Its not too late to sign up to join us in Orleans on May 11th. We are holding an Area Meeting at the Bell Tower of the Church of the Transfiguration on Rock Harbor. If you still would like to come and have not yet contacted us, please do so by Sunday, May 5th. Come and ring in a beautiful setting, on a wonderful ring of 10.

Posted May 02, 2013 by Sister Alicia Mitman

Annual Report 2012 now available in "Guild Documents" to members only

The 2012 Annual Report has now been posted on the website. It is in the "Guild Documents" category and available to members only.
Posted Apr 30, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

Update added Apr 30, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

2012 Annual Report now available to members only within the "Guild Documents" category

It is with great sadness that I learnt today that Ron Warford passed away this morning. Details as yet unknown.

Ron was a great supporter of ringing here in North America, Charleston, in particular.

Posted Apr 29, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

Quebec Weekend - May 24 - 27, 2013

Quebec May Weekend 2013 Registration

Bienvenue aux clochers de Québec

(Friday, May 24 pm – Sunday, May 26, 2013)

Name ______________________________________________________________

Email __________________________ Telephone __________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Home Tower/Group ________________________________

Arrival Day & Time (if known) ___________________ Departure ____________________

Ringing level:

Novice (rounds, call changes, hunting) ________ on ______ bells

Basic (Plain Bob, Grandsire) ______________________ Conduct ___________

Advanced (Stedman, Kent) ________________________ Conduct ___________

Expert (Surprise) ________________________________ Conduct ___________

Would you like to conduct a practice session ? Yes ____ No ____

On what topics ? (Check as many in order of priority) : Rope sight ____, Rope handling ____, Ringing up or down in peal ___, Plain Hunts ___, Stedman ___, other (please specify) ________

Quarter peal request:

Method(s): ____________________________________ Number of bells: 6 _____ 8 _____

As a ringer _______ As a conductor ______ Indifferent ______

Registration and Dinner:

Registration (includes muffins, scones, coffee and juice Saturday and Sunday mornings) :

Before May 6 : FREE May 6 and after : 10$

I will attend the Ringers’ banquet prepared by the guild’s renowned chefs on Saturday (Bring your own beer/wine) $25 : Yes ____ No ____

Please complete and return by May 6 to: René Moisan 809, Ave De Lévis, Québec, Qué G1S 3E2


Make cheques payable to Shirley Nadeau, guild’s treasurer.

NOTE : Cheques drawn on US banks in US dollars welcome

Posted Apr 29, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

$100,000 for the Cathderal: Vote Early, Vote Often.

Earlier this week, Washington National Cathedral shared the news that they have been selected to take part in the 2013 "Partners in Preservation" program administered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a competition between 25 historic sites in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for historic preservation grants. The Cathedral seeks a top grant of $100,000 to enable work that will lead to the removal of the black debris netting in the nave.

I encourage you to watch the short video on the project featuring Mason Foreman Joe Alonso, and share it with your friends, family, and contacts. Register and vote now on the official Partners in Preservation voting site!

Each person can register on the site via Facebook or email address to cast a vote for the Cathedral once per day, every day, from April 24 to May 10. Extra points will be awarded for registered voters who check in at the Cathedral on Foursquare or spread the word with hashtag #wncathedral on Twitter and Instagram. This amazing opportunity enables the whole Close community to join with the public to bring about visible and significant restoration to the National Cathedral's earthquake damage.

Let's all help support the Cathedral!

Posted Apr 26, 2013 by Alexander T Taft, III

A Day in Old New Castle Returns to the Ringing Calendar

Hear ye, hear ye! The bells will be ringing once again for A Day in Old New Castle. Please mark your calendar for Saturday, May 18, 2013. We have been asked to ring from 9:30-11:00 and from 3:00-4:00.

They would like to know the number to prepare for with respect to the following:

Here's the proposal: We will of course take care of everything.

1) Tickets to the day and all the houses/gardens

2) Parking

3) We will have food and "proper drink" (you know what I mean) for the inter regnum

4) Et cetera

So if you have not been to a Day in Old New Castle to ring and/or visit the house and gardens here is your opportunity. Please see for more information:

We have not been there for several years and it would be really nice to support the New Castle band. Please let me know if you are planning on attending.

Cheers, Bruce


Posted Apr 15, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

2013 Pittsburgh Ringing Course, 2-4 August

The seventh annual Pittsburgh ringing course will be held at Southminster Presbyterian Church, 2 to 4 August 2013.

The course will be aimed at helping students develop the skills required by the transition from simple, plain hunt dominated methods such as Plain Bob and Grandsire, to methods with more frequent dodging and place making, such as Kent Treble Bob and Stedman. Ringing may be on six or eight bells, depending upon the students experience and needs; for sufficiently experienced students we may also work some on Cambridge Surprise Minor. However, the emphasis is not on complexity, or the particular methods rung during the course, but rather on acquiring the skills necessary to ring well at this level.

Students should have successfully rung at least three tower bell quarter peals on an inside bell (not just the treble or cover) to some method.

The course is limited to a maximum of six students.

Further information can be read at Pittsburgh Ringing Course.

Posted Apr 07, 2013 by Don Morrison

Update added Apr 21, 2013 by Don Morrison

This course is now full, though there is a waiting list if others wish to express interest in joining if any of the current students needs to withdraw.

On-Line Dues Payment Option

Over the past few years we have had inquiries from members asking if the Guild would accept payments on-line. The Executive Committee decided that we should now explore this option.

In January and February we conducted an on-line poll asking anyone who thought he or she would like to pay on-line to respond. The poll asked if the member would prefer to use 1) Google Wallet, 2) PayPal, 3) don’t care if the member uses either one, or – if none of those – 4) some other e-commerce facility that the member could name.

There were 82 answers to the survey. Overwhelmingly, people voted for PayPal, as you can see from the results below.

1. I prefer Google Wallet 6 (7.32%)

2. I prefer PayPal 52 (63.41%)

3. Either Google Wallet or PayPal is fine with me 19 (23.17%)

4. I prefer Other: (Please specify) 5 (6.10%)

The “Other” preferences were stated as follows:

§ Visa

§ Sqare

§ ANYTHING to get on-line payment part of the NAG reality. And fold the costs into the purchase price. It truly is a cost of doing business!

§ or

§ But I''m sure I could get and use a google wallet account

To reassure our members who do not plan on using the e-commerce option, the NAGCR will also continue to receive dues in the traditional manner by checks, money orders, or cash.

The plan is to implement the e-commerce option, using PayPal; we will be working with the webmaster to develop and test the new option and hope to go 'live' starting this Autumn.

Posted Apr 01, 2013 by A Thomas Miller

2013 AGM Hendersonville and Early B&B Rates

Please share the information below with ringers you know and encourage attendance.

Greetings from Hendersonville, we very much look forward to hosting the 2013 AGM. The course will be Wednesday, Sept 25 to noon Friday, Sept 27. The AGM will start at noon on Friday and last through Sunday. We are still developing costs and other information for registration, but we anticipate a modest cost comparable to last year at Smith. In addition to the ringing and camaraderie our area of Western North Carolina provides many activities and much beauty to enjoy. While hard to estimate we should be early in the season of fall colors. The web site provides extensive information about the area and the wide variety of accommodations.

We do have early information on very good rates at two excellent B&Bs which are directly across from St James Episcopal Church, have parking, and are within very easy walking distance to downtown. While they both have a number of rooms we advise early booking if you want to use either B&B. There are numerous other accommodations as listed on the website.

From the Claddagh: Our corporate rate is $80.00 ($89.40 including tax). Full breakfast is included each day as well as a social hour in the afternoon with wine and cheese. We look forward to having the Ringers as guests at the Claddagh Inn. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should need any other information.

Thank you, Tina and the Claddagh Staff

From the Waverly Inn: We would be glad to offer the North American Guild of Change Ringers a special rate of $89 + tax for single occupancy and $114 + tax for double occupancy for September 25-29, 2013. Full breakfast, evening tasting hour, private baths, and wireless internet are some of our most popular amenities that are included with every stay. Please list us as 1898 Waverly Inn (we changed the name to reflect the historic nature of the Inn about 2 years ago). They can visit our website for more information about us… but reservations must be booked by phone: 800-537-8195 or 828-693-9193. (We cannot honor the discounted rate for reservations booked online.)

Thank you for thinking of us. If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.

With hospitality in mind, Debbie Jones Debbie Jones

Assistant Innkeeper, 1898 Waverly Inn

783 N. Main St., Hendersonville, NC 28792


Posted Mar 28, 2013 by Robert Aldinger

2013 Quebec Weekend Registration form

Mark your calendars for the 2013 Quebec Weekend - always a wonderful time with great hosts.
Posted Mar 04, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

Update added Mar 04, 2013 by Madeleine Cheesman

Quebec May Weekend 2013 Registration

Bienvenue aux clochers de Québec

(Friday, May 24 pm – Sunday, May 26, 2013)

Name ______________________________________________________________

Email __________________________ Telephone __________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Home Tower/Group ________________________________

Arrival Day & Time (if known) ___________________ Departure ____________________

Ringing level:

Novice (rounds, call changes, hunting) ________ on ______ bells

Basic (Plain Bob, Grandsire) ______________________ Conduct ___________

Advanced (Stedman, Kent) ________________________ Conduct ___________

Expert (Surprise) ________________________________ Conduct ___________

Would you like to conduct a practice session ? Yes ____ No ____

On what topics ? (Check as many in order of priority) : Rope sight ____, Rope handling ____, Ringing up or down in peal ___, Plain Hunts ___, Stedman ___, other (please specify) ________

Quarter peal request:

Method(s): ____________________________________ Number of bells: 6 _____ 8 _____

As a ringer _______ As a conductor ______ Indifferent ______

Registration and Dinner:

Registration (includes muffins, scones, coffee and juice Saturday and Sunday mornings) :

Before May 6 : FREE May 6 and after : 10$

I will attend the Ringers’ banquet prepared by the guild’s renowned chefs on Saturday (Bring your own beer/wine) $25 : Yes ____ No ____

Please complete and return by May 6 to: René Moisan 809, Ave De Lévis, Québec, Qué G1S 3E2

Make cheques payable to Shirley Nadeau, guild’s treasurer.

NOTE : Cheques drawn on US banks in US dollars welcome

Old North TV appearance

During the hour-long C-span3 show about Old North on Sunday, there will be a few seconds of ringing

and views of the bells themselves (down), at approximately 8 minutes in, according to the producer.


Posted Feb 05, 2013 by Laura Dickerson

CHANGE to Schedule for Feb 9th Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting in DC

At the request of out-of-towners, the hours and venue for this Saturday's Mid-Atlantic Area meeting are slightly changed. We'll start at 11am at the Cathedral, ringing on the simulator until 12:30pm rather than having a morning session at the Old Post Office Tower. Then, as usual, lunch will follow at 12:30pm during the weekly carillon concert, with additional simulator ringing possible after that until open ringing at 2:00pm.

So, the schedule is:

11:00am Simulator ringing at the Cathedral

12:30pm Lunch in the ringing chamber, accompanied by the carillon

1:15 - 2:00pm Simulator ringing if wanted

2:00 - 4:00pm Open ringing

In order to have enough food, we need to know how many people are attending. Therefore, if you plan to attend, please let either me () or Bruce Butler ( or 215-765-8736) know by noon Thursday, Feb 7th.

NOTE: If there are not enough people attending to make the meeting worthwhile, we'll post a cancellation announcement on the NAG website late Thursday Feb 7th. If checking the website is inconvenient, and you want to confirm that the meeting is happening, you're welcome to phone me at 202-244-1658 on Friday. /Quilla

Posted Feb 04, 2013 by Quilla Roth

Seven Towers Festival: update

For those of you who are planning to attend the Seven Towers Festival in Dallas, April 5-7, this is a note to let you know that we did not manage to set up online payment. Please send us a cheque along with your registration form! Thanks!

Posted Feb 03, 2013 by Linda Rankin

Sad News - Roger Bailey

I have just read the following and wanted to share with our ringing community. Many NAGCR members knew Roger Bailey and rang with him over the years. He will be sorely missed.

At 07:49:24 on Tue, 22 Jan 2013, Suzanne Daniels wrote:
>Roger died in the early hours of this morning. He spent his last days 
>in the Pembridge Hospice at St Charles' Hospital, where he had the very 
>best care. I was able to stay with him most of the time due to the 
>immense kindness of Peter (Blight), Prudence (Fay), Muffie (King) and 
>Judith (Gilbert) who stayed with him while I rested, so that he was 
>never alone.
>He was so pleased, and quite overwhelmed, by all the visits and 
>messages, this helped him through such a difficult time.
>The funeral arrangements will follow soon.
Posted Jan 22, 2013 by Bruce N Butler

Handbells ring for service prelude at Trinity Wall Street

On Sunday, January 6, a group of New Yorkers rang handbells in the church for the opening of Trinity's 11:15 a.m. service.

Because Trinity videotapes services, this performance is now publicly available on Trinity's website, for viewing and listening. We thought others might be interested to see it here.

It's just some plain hunt on 8, but we feel it is a good beginning, and bodes well for future performances of this kind.

From left to right the ringers are Arthur Crumlish, Jeremy Bates, Chapman Knott, and Tigger Benford.

Many thanks to Martha Partridge for organizing this performance and for giving cues during it.

Posted Jan 17, 2013 by Jeremy Bates