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Announcements Archive: 2011


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Posted Dec 27, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Date changed - Seattle 2012 Anniversary Weekend

Seattle 2012 Anniversary Weekend moved to weekend of June 9th. This is later than our usual --

to fit better with the University of Washington schedule. Details to follow nearer the time. Contact TC Rebecca Woodgate for more information.

Posted Dec 21, 2011 by Rebecca Woodgate

Guild Executive Committee to Make Appointment for 2012 Clapper Editor

Exec to Appoint 2012 Clapper Editor: Any Member with an interest in serving as Editor, or participating on a "newsletter committee”--

-- i.e. sharing the responsibility for compiling a limited and specific section of the newsletter such as Quarter Peals, Area Reports, etc.,– please contact the Exec at no later than January 8. Experience in editing and desktop publishing not required but an advantage for the position.

Posted Dec 12, 2011 by Lyn Barnett and Madeleine Cheesman

Victoria Area Report, Fall Issue of The Clapper

Somehow or other the Victoria report that was published in the Spring issue of The Clapper was re-published in the Fall issue. The following, prepared by Susan Benzon, is what you should have read, although I have amended or omitted parts which are now out-dated.

"Through the work and enthusiasm of Val Brown and Sarah Beukema, the Victoria band rings handbells once again. During the summer, Val spearheaded and instructed Thursday evening handbell sessions. Lately, Sarah has been both hosting and teaching at home in Metchosin. Sarah's daughters, Katerina and Alexandra, are learning too - their enthusiasm is quite delightful. Congratulations to the rest of the "hard core" group: Frances Quetton, Margaret Ketchen and Faith Magwood! They ring Plain Hunt on 8, Plain Bob Minor, and more...

Madeline Holden, returned for a while (hopefully, a LONG while) from Newfoundland, has thrown in her lot with the Thursday handbell gang. Back in the tower, as her ability in trebling to methods improves, Madeline is becoming increasingly useful to the band.

The decoration and re-carpeting of the ringing chamber has finished. Thank you so very much, Robert Mason-Hurley, for your generous donation towards improvements therein! Our Treasurer, Stephen Smith, used those funds both to replace our old clock, and to construct and set up a new set of brass coat-hooks on a wooden rail that matches the clock.

This summer and early fall we suffered more than usual from lack of ringers. Most of the Victoria band was here at the beginning of July, to celebrate our 75th Anniversary. Then, promptly, everyone went on holiday. Many thanks to bellringers from "away" for swelling the ranks, particularly in September.

The third weekend in September we rang for the Kingcome Inlet "Feast" held on the grounds of the cathedral. The purpose of the gathering was to raise money for a First Nations community on British Columbia’s central coast, wiped out by floods this time last year. Michael Batten, barefoot and wearing a colourful skirt, rang with us at the start of the proceedings. After ringing, Michael joined the Nisga'a dancers on the south lawn - for him, it must have been a very busy weekend. The ringers felt honoured to be included in what turned out to be an exciting, and moving, cultural event."

Posted Dec 11, 2011 by Margaret Ketchen

Helpful to learners: Thomas Alsbaugh's new YouTube video analyzes the movement of the sally as a bell rings. Watch it here.

Posted Dec 10, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Fall issue of The Clapper now available

New "Fall" issue of The Clapper now available here.

Much gratitude to Sally Cook for stepping up again as Interim Editor for this issue!

If you need help accessing The Clapper at this website or opening the PDF, please let us know:

Posted Dec 05, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Area Meeting in New York

Everyone is warmly invited to join us at Trinity Wall Street on Sat Dec 10th. Ringing will start at 11:00am and continue until about 5:30pm, with a break for lunch. All levels of ringing will be catered for. In the evening there'll be a group dinner at a nearby restaurant. If you plan to attend, please email Tim Barnes for further details.

Posted Dec 01, 2011 by Tim Barnes

Central Council Website

In an attempt to make the Central Council more relevant to all association ringers and to draw your attention to the Central Council Website and the President's blog we were asked to share the following link.

So please browse the Central Council's site and send your thoughts and feedback to one of your 4 Central Council reps.

Posted Nov 22, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Washington Cathedral Ringing Again!

We're very happy to report that the bells of Washington Cathedral are ringing again! Following the final detailed engineering review of the Cathedral's central tower, the Cathedral gave the go ahead for ringing following the first service at the Cathedral since its closure after the earthquake of 23 August. On 12 November, the bells rang out for the first time since August, welcoming the ninth bishop of Washington following her consecration service. The Washington ringers are overjoyed, thankful, and profoundly grateful to be able to ring the Cathedral's beautiful bells again. The community on the Cathedral close has told us that they heard the bells as an “outward expression that all was well” despite the extensive repair and reconstruction work still to be done.

Katie Emmons, Ringing Master, Washington Ringing Society

Posted Nov 16, 2011 by Quilla Roth for Katie Emmons

Springtime New England Area Meeting

The Bell tower at the Church of the Transfiguration will host an area meeting on May 26th, 2012. Please join us on beautiful Cape Cod for a wonderful time of ringing - out doors! Rest assured, we now have doors on the Tower so if it is rainy or windy, we will manage just fine!

Posted Nov 14, 2011 by Sister Alicia Mitman

Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch New Zealand

Posted by John Camp on changeringers -

"The Guardian" reports:

"Christchurch to deconsecrate quake-damaged cathedral"



What implications does this news have for the bells?

Posted Oct 29, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

20th Anniversary of Quarter Peal Weekend

January 13-16, 2012. Please join us in Philadelphia

Posted Oct 25, 2011 by Bruce N Butler


The Tower at the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, MA will host an Area Meeting on

May 26th, 2012. Save this date!

Posted Oct 21, 2011 by Sister Alicia Mitman

Nominations period to close on 10/23

Nominations period for NAGCR 2012 Officers will close on October 23, 2011.

Please submit nominations to with candidate’s indication of willingness to stand for office.

Click here for nominations received through October 17.

Posted Oct 18, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Update added Oct 20, 2011 by Don Morrison

Looks like no one's running for Clapper Editor yet; this would be a great time to volunteer!

Brewster/Kent Area Meeting Oct 15

Brewster/Kent area meeting this Saturday, Oct 15. Contact Matt Bogen. Hurray for lots of ringing!

Posted Oct 12, 2011 by Matt Bogen

Clapper Due Date Oct. 8th and Its Cover Article

Clapper Due Date Oct. 8th and Its Cover Article

It has been decided that anyone with a memorable experience from the AGM in Toronto who wishes to contribute to the cover article for the final Clapper of this year should email his or her blurb to . Thank you for your contribution to The Clapper. It is most appreciated.

Posted Oct 05, 2011 by Baucum Matthews

2012 NAGCR AGM, Smith College

Smith College, Northampton, MA, selected as site for 2012 NAGCR AGM, August 17-19.

Posted Oct 01, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Interim reports, 2011 officers

Interim reports of 2011 officers now available here for members.

Posted Sep 21, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

October 8 Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting rescheduled for October 15 in Princess Anne

October 8 Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting rescheduled for October 15 in Princess Anne Please see calendar entry for more information.

Posted Sep 19, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

2012 Ringing World Diaries and Calendar

Once again the Guild's Book Service will be ordering Ringing World Diaries and Calendars for members. Please take advantage of this service. You may email me your order and then put a check in the mail or pay me in Toronto at the AGM.

Cheers, Bruce

Ringing World Diary 2012

To obtain a 2012 Ringing World Diary please send a check in US or CDN funds

payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard – USD or CDN $11.50

Standard with Pencil in spine – USD or CDN $12.00

Leather – USD or CDN $19.00



Quantity/Which kind?

Ringing World Calendar 2012

This year the calendar features the Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers (ANZAB) to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

To obtain a 2012 Ringing World Calendar please send a check for $12.00 in US or CDN funds payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130




Add USD $2.50- CDN $2.50 for each item if you wish airmail (not really necessary at this time – September/October)

Total Amount Enclosed $

Posted Sep 15, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report now available here, to NAGCR members.

Posted Sep 15, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Ring Around Charleston

Ring around Charleston, February 24 - 26, 2012.

4 towers, all levels, please join us!

Posted Sep 15, 2011 by Eve Gentieu

Change Ringing for the Future

"Young" NA ringers sought for participation in Central Council Education Committee conference: November 12. Change Ringing for the Future.

Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.

All organisations affiliated to the Central Council are asked to be represented and, if possible, to sponsor two 25-ish delegates to come to the conference to join the Youth Forum. Interested? Need more information? Contact .

Posted Sep 09, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Jim Diserens' death regretfully announced

NA ringers saddened by Jim Diserens' death, reported by son Brian.

In a message posted to ringing-chat on Sept 8, Brian Diserens wrote: "I regret to inform you that my father, Jim Diserens, died of a heart attack last night aged 79, while staying with us in Germany."

Posted Sep 08, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Summer issue of The Clapper now available

New "Summer" issue of The Clapper now available here.

Subscribers and print-version members, check your mailbox. Much appreciation to Sally Cook for editorial/graphic services!

If you need help accessing The Clapper at this website or opening the PDF, please let us know:

Posted Sep 06, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

North American ASCY invited to join October ringing tour

NA College Youths invited for ASCY visit to Trinity-NYC 27-30 Oct. Peal ropes & more available; contact Master, Philip Goodyer.

Philip's message in full: "I am leading a group of ASCY members on a short ringing tour to North America in late October. We will be in New York 27-30 October, and there are ropes in ASCY peals available, general ringing at Trinity and a dinner on the Saturday night to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the dedication of the Trinity bells and the first peal on the bells (by the ASCY). Non-members are very welcome at the dinner. If you are interested in either peals or the dinner let me know at .uk We are going on to Toronto on Sunday 30th October and will be attempting a peal and attending practice night there on Monday 31st October. The tour is part of my plan to ring ASCY peals during my year as Master at the best 12 in all 8 Nations with twelve bell towers."

Posted Sep 01, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

No ringing at Trinity Wall Street Sun. Aug. 28

Due to Hurricane Irene, there will be no ringing at Trinity Wall Street on Sun. Aug. 28.

Posted Aug 26, 2011 by Jeremy Bates

Earthquake topples pinnacles from Central Tower, National Cathedral

Washington, D.C. and National Cathedral shaken by 5.9 earthquake on 23 August 2011. Central tower pinnacles toppled. OPOT open for ringing; Cathedral closed.

Posted Aug 24, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

The July 6 death of Paul E. Engsberg, devoted friend of change ringing and The University of the South, is regretfully announced.

Among Paul's many noteworthy contributions during his 42 years at Sewanee was his key role in the acquisition of the 8 tower bells ("Bentley Bells") for Breslin Tower (11-0-23, Whitechapel, 2003). A burial liturgy was celebrated on July 11, 2011 at All Saints Chapel with committal at the University cemetery. A special remembrance of Paul will be included in the Summer issue of The Clapper.

Posted Jul 25, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Update added Aug 23, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Gail Watson named new Tower Captain by Vice

Chancellor John McCardell; John Tilford to serve as Deputy of the Bells.

Yale tower to include "ringing room" and "12 bells"

Yale University has put up exciting new details on the residential-colleges project and, in particular, the 190-foot tower that is planned.

Yale's development office now says that "[t]he tower will also be equipped with a traditional belfry—a counterpoint to the Harkness Tower carillon." Another page says that the tower will include "a bell ringing room where students can operate the 12 bells in the tower’s belfry."

The tower is pictured here, at the site of Yale's architects for the project.

Posted Jul 23, 2011 by Jeremy Bates

Update added Jul 24, 2011 by Joel Reitz

Floor plans for project at: See 7th floor.

Update added Aug 06, 2011 by Jeremy Bates

Yale says that the ringing room--a $750K "giving opportunity"--is now "funded."

The SCHEDULE for the Steel City Ringing Festival, 15-17 July 2011 (see calendar entry for details) has been UPDATED to work around a funeral at the host tower, Southminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh.

Ringing will start 6:00 pm on Friday, 15 July, occupy Saturday from breakfast to dinner time, and also all of Sunday afternoon. Pittsburgh not only is home to the only six-time Super Bowl championship football team, it is a lovely city, well worth visiting even before there were bells here: if you choose to come early to sightsee, please also join our regular practice on Thursday night.

The calendar entry includes a list of folks we know are coming. While it is not necessary to register, if you're planning on coming and haven't told us, it might be prudent to do so so we can plan on appropriate reservations at restaurants and so on. And apologies if we've inadvertently left anyone off the list: please let us know if we have by emailing Don Morrison <>.

Posted Jul 15, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Spring Issue of The Clapper Now Available

Spring issue of The Clapper now available here. Pls note July 30 deadline for Summer issue.

Due to a sudden death in the family of our Editor, this Spring/April issue of the Guild’s newsletter was considerably and unavoidably delayed. On behalf of all NAGCR members and friends, we extend our deepest condolences to the Matthews family.

Consequently, however, the Summer/July issue of The Clapper will also need to be delayed.The new deadline for submitting material for that issue has now been set for July 30, and all submissions should please be addressed to clapper.. We ask, especially, that all ringing performances be reported as soon as possible to the date rung, in order to publish them both timely and chronologically.

The Executive Committee and all the NAGCR owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our 2010 Clapper Editor for so graciously and capably stepping back into her former role with no advance warning — and publication deadline looming. As a result of her cheerful and professional assistance, we should be able to provide the number of annual issues mandated by our Constitution and Bylaws, and to share and preserve this news of the Guild.

Many, many thanks to Sally Cook.

Posted Jul 09, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Hendersonville Ringing Weekend and Mini-Course

Hendersonville Ringing Weekend and Mini-Course!

Celebrate our anniversary the weekend of 12 to 14 August, and/or the mini-course with Bruce Butler running 11-12 August. For more infomation contact

Posted Jul 08, 2011 by Robert Aldinger

Yale design shows a lovely tower

Yale's architect has put up new renderings of the residential-colleges project. They show a tower that could be a lovely home for bells.

Posted Jul 01, 2011 by Jeremy Bates

Charleston in the news

Charleston in the news

Posted Jun 28, 2011 by Don Morrison

Update for AGM Registration

NAGCR AGM registration open through Sept 22. Registration form here. More information at calendar. Questions? Contact Olivia Gamache.

Posted Jun 28, 2011 by Olivia Gamache

Bells rang out in Abilene

Abilene in the news

Interesting and well done article.

Posted Jun 28, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Clapper Publication postponed

Publication of the April 2011 issue of The Clapper has been postponed to an as-yet-undetermined date due to an unexpected death in our Editor’s family. The deadline for submissions for the July 2011 issue of The Clapper will also be postponed from July 8. We will update information on both issues here, once details are determined. We extend our deepest condolences to Baucum, his family and friends.

Posted Jun 13, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Marietta in the News

Marietta in the News.

Posted Jun 10, 2011 by Don Morrison

4th of July Celebrations in Washington, DC

Please join us in Washington DC to celebrate the 4th of July, with a pot-luck picnic at the Cathedral, peals and quarters! (Did I mention the WRS will be providing beer?) Simply click the link below to indicate your specific availability and interests. Also, it is very helpful, most importantly for locals but also for out-of-town ringers, to indicate if you are NOT available on the form link below (15 second process).

In order to place bands for peals/quarters, please have your form submitted no later than June 20. This will be the ONLY tool we will use for placing bands. Bands will be placed according to perceived best striking opportunities- requests for specific towers and methods most welcome (comment box at the end of the form) but we can not guarantee these requests will be honored. Out of town ringers, feel free to contact me directly if the June 20th deadline will be restrictive to making travels plans, and I can update you individually on the likelihood of being placed in a band based on current numbers. We will do our best to honor requests first come-first served.

We look forward to your joining us!

Alex Taft

Sunday Cathedral Tower Captain

Washington, DC

Posted Jun 09, 2011 by Alexander T Taft, III

Christ Church Cathedral 75th Anniversary!

Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria British Columbia is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the hanging of the bells! On the weekend of July 8-10th, come for open ringing, learning, sharing and fellowship with other bell ringers, no matter what your age or experience.

There will be an open house in the belfry and a lawn party on Saturday, July 9th from 1:30-3:30pm. All ringers are invited to attend a celebratory dinner at the home of one of CCC's ringers. For more details, please email."

Posted Jun 08, 2011 by Penelope H B

Barbeque Bash in Philly - June 10-12.

Barbeque Bash in Philly - June 10-12.

Please join us for for ringing, eating and socializing. All welcome to have a good time. If you have not already done so, please RSVP to: .

Posted Jun 02, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Montreal Handbell ringers wanted!

Montreal area handbell ringers wanted! If you are a change ringer, or know of any -- NAGCR members or unaffiliated -- please send an email with your contact information.

Posted May 31, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

New Stairs in Dallas

We at St. James Dallas are proud to announce the completion of our new staircase. No longer must you hoist yourselves up our infamous ladder, in fact not a sign of that ladder remains. We invite you to celebrate with us at a Ringing Weekend June 24-26. There will be tower tours and open ringing beginning Friday evening and ringing will continue Saturday and Sunday. Dedication of the new staircase will take place during our 10:00 Sunday Service. There are no fees being charged for this event. For more information, contact .

Posted May 26, 2011 by Janice L Eppinette

New Castle Meeting - Saturday, May 14 is cancelled

At the request of Connie King, I am sending this message to let everyone know that New Castle will not be ringing this Saturday, May 14. We were unable to ring for a Day in Old New Castle this year, which is the following Saturday, and it looks as if there are not too many takers for the weekend before. We will re-think the May meeting for next year.

Posted May 10, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Trinity Wall Street, Krystl Hall

Trinity Wall Street in the news . . . see Krystl Hall's wonderful photos and read her ringing story!

Posted May 10, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Houston ringers in the news

Houston TX "striking competition champion ringers" in the news . . .

Posted May 10, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Little Rock Trinity Cathedral Bellringing Article

Trinity (Little Rock) Bellringing is in the news.

Check out the article in the May issue of Arkansas Life

The article begins on page 34.


Posted May 04, 2011 by Scott Stricker

Shreveport in the News

Shreveport in the news!

Posted Apr 29, 2011 by Don Morrison

June Area Meeting in Orleans, MA Church of the Transfiguration

We would like to invite any ringers, especially the New England and East Coast Towers, to come ring in our Tower here in Orleans, MA at the Church of the Transfiguration on June 4th. We have 10 Whitechapel bells, hung in 2009. Our general plan is to begin at 10am on Sat the 4th and ring through the day. We will offer dinner to any who would like to join us.

As most of you are aware, the ringing takes place outdoors and the weather should be nice and warm! If it should rain, we will have doors in place by then to keep the wet out!

If you are at all interested in coming, can you please send me an email at by May 8th? I just need to get an idea of how many we may have with us.

Thank you

Posted Apr 25, 2011 by Sister Alicia Mitman

Royal Wedding Ringing at Westminster Abbey

The note below outlines the planned ringing at Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding on Friday, and also provides details of a related TV program. David Hilling is the Conductor of the Westminster Abbey Company of Ringers. The NBC TV program he refers to is "Inside the Royal Wedding", to be broadcast this Wednesday at 8/7c.

From: David Hilling

Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 5:26 PM

To: Tim Barnes

Subject: NBC Programme - Westminster Abbey

Hi Tim and I trust that you and your family are well.

Would you be able to get word out to NAG ringers regarding a broadcast by NBC on Wednesday 27th? A London film company has made a programme on Westminster Abbey for NBC that features interviews with The Dean, the Company of Ringers and the Master of the Choristers. Ringing coverage was taken both in the ringing chamber and in the bell chamber. In interview I referred to Abbey bells links with Washington DC and with Victoria Cathedral. As far as I know the programme will not be shown in the UK.

Concerning the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th, security not surprisingly is extremely tight and the ringers have to arrive very early. The wedding is at 11.00 and is due to last an hour and a quarter. We have permanent cc tv in the ringing chamber and on this occasion will also have a tv monitor. We will ring Stedman Caters prior to the service and commence a peal of Spliced Surprise Royal (2 methods) at service conclusion. I hope that you folks in NAG will be able to see a rerun of the programme at a sensible time.

As a first, the BBC has, at my suggestion, installed a camera above the bell installation so we can expect some coverage of bells in motion. Today's Royal Maundy service was broadcast live and included bells shots from pre and post service ringing.

Many thanks. Perhaps you would acknowledge though I trust that I still have your correct email address.


Posted Apr 23, 2011 by Tim Barnes

Southern Cross Ringing Festival


Contact Candace Higginbotham@ (318) 470-3001, or email

Posted Apr 15, 2011 by Candace Higginbotham

Victoria is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the hanging and first ringing of our bells, the weekend of July 9-10, 2011. Members of the North American Guild are invited to visit us and ring with us, but plans for the ringing are still fluid, as much will depend on how many of you accept our invitation. Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to be with us. Please also see our announcement at Calendar posting. Faith Magwood [250-477-1186]

Posted Apr 04, 2011 by Faith Magwood

Christ Church Cathedral Guild, Victoria, B.C., regrets that it must cancel the traditional plans for Victoria Day ringing this year.

Posted Apr 04, 2011 by Faith Magwood

Princess Anne Area Meeting Cancelled

For a variety of reasons the meeting this Saturday, April 9 in Princess Anne has been cancelled.

Posted Apr 04, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Ring Around North America


On Sunday, May 1st, the North American Guild of Change Ringers will hold Ring-Around-North America, a special event to raise funds for the bell ringers of ChristChurch Cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand. This event will feature sponsored performances - typically of a quarter-peal, but possibly longer - to raise funds that will be specifically dedicated to the assistance of the ringers of ChristChurch Cathedral. The event is organized by the NAGCR, and is greatly assisted in the administration of the funds by the two 12-bell towers in North America - St James' Cathedral in Toronto and Trinity Wall Street in New York City.

Towers which wish to participate will receive a full kit of sponsor sign-up forms and promotional material. Ringers (and other members who do not actually take part in a performance) will be asked to sign up sponsors (at, perhaps a penny-per-row), and to collect a check from them after the performance. Sponsor sheets and checks will then be sent to Trinity Wall Street, where they will be checked and, for Candian sponsors, passed on to St James' Cathedral.

In addition to the sponsorships and the ringing, there will also be a news story released (probably via the AP), and participating towers will receive a full press kit, along with some ideas about how to engage the interest of their local radio and TV news outlets.

The tower of ChristChurch Cathedral was destroyed in the earthquake that hit Christchurch on Tuesday, February 22nd 2011. Fortunately no-one was in the tower when it fell, but the bells plummeted to the floor of the tower, where they await recovery. Dr James Cooper, the Rector of Trinity Wall Street said "The sound of bells is an audible sign that the church is alive and well in the city, and it will be important to restore this sound to the streets of Christchurch". Lyn Barnet, President of the NAGCR noted that "Bell-ringers have a unique form of radical hospitality, welcoming each other to each others' towers. It is appropriate for us to reach out in this unique way to express our support and allegiance with the ringers of ChristChurch Cathedral". Mike Clayton, the Master of the Ringers at the Cathedral said " We are impressed with your ideas for fundraising and encourage you and any others to go ahead with any other schemes. Many thanks for your concern."

So what do we do right now? Be aware of this, and urge your local leadership to sign on. The Leaders of each tower and handbell group will be receiving a special notice in the next few days, with all the details about how to sign on, how to join in with the national press story, and copies of publicity and sponsor sign-up information.

Let's make May 1st a day to remember, and an solid expression of support for our fellow ringers 'down under'.

*Late addition*

The first few bells have now been recovered from the rubble, and seem to be in relatively good shape. Let's hope that the next bells will be in equally good condition.

Posted Mar 23, 2011 by Anthony C Furnivall

Mailed Clapper Delayed

Equipment failure at printing company has delayed mailing of the paper Clappers until Monday, March 14th.

Thank you for your patience.

- Baucum Matthews

Posted Mar 13, 2011 by Baucum Matthews

New Clapper!

See the great new issue of The Clapper at this website --

Photos are (almost all) now in living color! Well done, Baucum Matthews.

Posted Mar 10, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

Southern Cross Ringing Festival Registrations Open

Register now for the Southern Cross Ringing Festival - (aka Five Towers Festival) April 29 - May 1, 2011. Lodging information now available.

Posted Mar 02, 2011 by Candace Higginbotham

The Trumplers in India

Check out Campanophile to read about Don and Elisabeth in India.

Posted Feb 26, 2011 by Bruce N Butler


Christchurch NZ Cathedral Bell Tower Destroyed -- FEB 22 Earthquake.

Changeringers list: "(ANZAB) has had confirmation from Anita Adams, the ANZAB secretary and a Christchurch resident, that all Christchurch ringers are safe. We don't yet know if the reports of people being in the tower at the time are true or not - communication is not easy - but certainly no ringers are dead or missing."

Posted Feb 22, 2011 by Lyn Barnett

New mobile site

To make it easier to view this web site on your phone, there's now a mobile-optimized version at

It contains all the same information and posts as the regular site, but is formatted to make it quicker and easier to find what you're looking for on a smaller screen. So next time you're in the tower or at the pub and want to look up a phone number or a practice time, give a try.

P.S. You can also use your phone post (or update) announcements and events. Just sign in using the link in the upper-right corner, or go directly to

Posted Feb 22, 2011 by John Danaher

Spring Dinner Weekend, Philadelphia

Spring is in the air! Please join us for the Vernal Equinox Weekend here in Philly, March 18-20.

Make a fun-filled weekend out of the event. Leonardo is at the Franklin Institute, Capucci is at the Art Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary is open as is the award winning Please Touch Museum. And of course all the historical sights that Philly has to offer. Oh yes, we will be ringing too!

We do look forward to seeing many of you.

Cheers, Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers

For registration form see the calendar portion of the website.

Posted Feb 15, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Washington, DC - Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting Canceled

Regrettably, the scheduled Mid-Atlantic Area meeting in DC for Saturday, February 12 has had to be canceled. Unfortunately the anticipated attendance did not meet up with expectations. Perhaps this is due to all the bad weather that we have experienced this winter.

We hope to see many of you at the next Mid-Atlantic Area meeting in Philadelphia for the Spring Dinner.

Posted Feb 10, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

2011 Pittsburgh Ringing Course Now FULL

Pittsburgh's annual ringing course this year is now fully subscribed, and we do not expect to be able to accept any further students.

Posted Feb 10, 2011 by Don Morrison

New Yale Colleges Receive Final Zoning Approval

Last week the New Haven Board of Aldermen approved a zoning change that will permit Yale University to build two new residential colleges. The project will include a 190-foot tower. Will the tower have bells? Yale hasn't decided.

Posted Jan 12, 2011 by Jeremy Bates

2011 NAGCR Calendar

Included with the printed copy of the latest issue of The Clapper was a copy of the 2011 NAGCR calendar. This is available in PDF on the website and I believe was not linked to recipients of the electronic version.

Posted Jan 10, 2011 by Bruce N Butler

Clapper deadline extended to Jan. 16

The Clapper needs material. The deadline has been extended to Sunday, the 16th of January. It received eight area reports as of the previously scheduled deadline of last Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011 and nothing else. If you submitted something to the Clapper to then I received it. If you submitted something to another e-mail, please resend it to . If you have ever wanted to write an article for the Clapper, now is the time to do it. Pictures are very much appreciated. Please include information for the caption such as the names of the people in the picture.

Thank you for your contribution to the Clapper. It is only as good as the material in it.

Posted Jan 10, 2011 by Baucum Matthews

Charles William Hall M.B.E. (Bill)

I am sorry to have to report that Bill Hall of Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK died this morning. For those of you that knew him as he traveled around North America you can find more information on Campanophile.

Posted Jan 05, 2011 by Bruce N Butler