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Announcements Archive: 2010

NPR Affiliate in Miami features Change Ringing and Trinity Bells

Trinity Cathedral in Miami featured by WLRN, NPR affiliate: "The ringing of bells is a sound you might associate with the holidays. . .

. . .with majestic church towers or with small European villages. So forget all of that. The bells at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Miami are a little different. Listen to the story by Alicia Zuckerman and Kenny Malone here."

GREAT PR, Miami ringers! Thanks to Kenny Malone for the story and for contacting the NAGCR for information. His request: "Tell your folks to storm our website and leave comments!"

Posted Dec 23, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

Victoria Ringing in the News

Victoria ringing in the news . . .

Posted Dec 22, 2010 by Don Morrison

Latest on possible tower at Yale

Yale project almost over zoning hurdle: On Dec. 13 a New Haven city committee approved a zoning change to permit Yale's residential-colleges project to go forward.

The next and final zoning step is Board of Aldermen approval.

At the committee meeting, an Alderman asked whether Yale would put bells in the project's 190-foot, neo-Gothic tower. A Yale official said, "No decision has been made."

Posted Dec 16, 2010 by Jeremy Bates

St Martin's Ringing Resumes!

I am pleased to announce that the work on St Martin's tower (Philadelphia) is almost complete and we have been given permission to ring there again. Normal practices will commence in January.

Also, our Annual Quarter Peal Weekend will take place utilizing both Philly towers and most likely New Castle.

If you have not already informed me of your intentions to join us, please let me know by the deadline. Registration details are in the latest Clapper, p 31. We hope you can join us.

Posted Dec 15, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

Recap: Area Meeting @ Trinity Wall Street, Saturday December 11th

Recap: Area Meeting @ Trinity Wall Street, Saturday December 11th

We had upwards of 30 locals and visitors in the tower above Wall Street this past Saturday, and I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who turned out, especially those who traveled so far to join us. I counted visitors from Orleans, Boston, Brewster, Philadelphia and Washington DC, and all took part in some ringing on 12, whether R&CC or Stedman Cinques!

Also I would like to say a special Thank You to Jenny Hinsman (Brewster) and Cathy Russell (Brewster/Trinity) for organising the post-ringing dinner (and also cooking much of the food!) - it was a delicious finale to a great day!

Posted Dec 14, 2010 by Duncan J Large

Passing of Ken Quimby

Passing of former Boston ringer Ken Quimby . . .

Monday morning, December 13, 2010. He had been visited at his nursing home by Geoff Davies on Sunday with holiday greetings from the Boston ringing community. Cremation arrangements are being made for this week with: Newton Cemetery Corporation. 791 Walnut Street, Newton Center, MA 02459-1719, 800-349-0047. John O'Day is in charge.

Posted Dec 14, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

$57,000 bells for sale at the UW

What to give that Special Someone this Christmas?? Bids due Dec 15 for 8 10cwt UW surplus bells; only $57k to open.

The fully bronze Whitechapel bells and the wheels, clappers and headstocks used to mount the bells for change-ringing were formerly in the town of Writtle, Essex, UK.

Posted Dec 08, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

Washington Post profiles Whitechapel Guild

Washington Post profiles Whitechapel Guild: The Post profiles the Whitechapel Guild at the National Cathedral School, where Quilla Roth and Alex Taft teach students how to ring.

Posted Nov 27, 2010 by Jeremy Bates

First Peal rung at St. James, Dallas

First peal at St James, Dallas --

NAGCR band -- and first peal for Jan Eppinette. Hear part of the peal in video at William Porter blog.

Posted Nov 22, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting at Trinity Wall Street, Saturday December 11th

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting at Trinity Wall Street, Saturday December 11th

Hi all,

a quick reminder that the Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting at Trinity Wall Street is still on for Saturday December 11th, and while there have been several responses from early birds so far, there are still places available in the quarter peal slots.

Based on some of the feedback I have received I have also slightly altered the schedule for the day:

10:00 - 11:30, General Ringing
11:30 - 12:30, Quarter Peal Attempt
12:30 - 13:30, Quarter Peal Attempt
13:30 - 15:00, General Ringing
15:00 - 16:00, 10 and 12-bell ringing - R&CC, Plain Hunt, Plain Methods
16:00 - 17:00, 10 and 12-bell ringing - Stedman & Surprise

For more details and to sign up please click here!


Duncan Large

Ringing Master

Trinity Wall Street

Posted Nov 17, 2010 by Duncan J Large

Running for NAGCR office

NOVEMBER 1st DEADLINE for NOMINATIONS for NAGCR officers, 2011 term, quickly approaches.

Please see details at Member Discussions.

Posted Oct 24, 2010 by Lyn A Barnett

New Members Directory on this site

The elves quietly maintaining this site keep adding new, useful things to it, the latest being a MEMBER DIRECTORY.

I'm not sure when it first appeared, but I stumbled across it a few days ago. It's a wonderful addition, letting you both look up information about members of the Guild, and update your own information. Among the things I love about it are

It's a new top level thingie that should just show up in your copy of the NAGCR web site. Like all the other widgets there you can move it around to taste, if you prefer.

You will need to login as a NAGCR member to get at the information it contains. If you've not regestered with the site, it's easy to do. I believe when you first try to use something that requires you to login it will lead you through the process.

I encourage everyone to check it out, and add a few fun datails about yourselves, too!

I've been looking forward to this, but now that it's arrived it's even better than I expected. Many thanks to all the folks that made it happen. I'm sure at least John Danaher and Tom Miller were involved, though there likely were others, too. Thanks to all!

Posted Oct 22, 2010 by Don Morrison

Ringing World Diary 2011 – Centenary Edition

Ringing World Diary 2011 – Centenary Edition

To obtain a 2011 Ringing World Diary please send a check in US or CDN funds

payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Add USD $2.50- CDN $2.50 each if you wish airmail (not really necessary at this time)



Quantity/Which kind?

Amount Enclosed

You can email me your order and then put a check in the mail.

Posted Oct 14, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

NAGCR Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting at Trinity Wall Street - Saturday December 11th

I know I may be a little early, but I'd like to announce the plan for the NAGCR Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting at Trinity Wall Street on Saturday December 11th.

Please find more details, including the ability to sign up for a quarter peal attempt or make a particular method request by clicking here!


Duncan Large

Ringing Master

Trinity Wall Street

Posted Sep 27, 2010 by Duncan J Large

Surprise ringers going to the AGM, please swot up Cornwall Surprise Major

Surprise ringers going to the AGM, please swot up Cornwall Surprise Major.

I've been asked to lead a few sessions at the NAGCR AGM in Little Rock this coming weekend focused on ringing surprise methods. Based on folks I know are planning to be there we should have enough folks not only to ring the usual standard sorts of surprise methods, but also work a bit on Cornwall. If we do, this would be a valuable use of some of our time.

So, if you are able, please swot it up. The blueline can be found at

Some notes I jotted down about the method for the Pittsburgh Ringing Course this past summer can be found at

The relevant notes are about 80% of the way down, in the section headed "Notes on the methods to be rung" in the subsection headed "Cornwall."

If you are a surprise major ringer, please don't be put off by this. While different, Cornwall is no harder than Cambridge or Yorkshire; in fact, as you gain familiarity with it, it is in many ways easier. It's particularly congenial for striking well as coursing foursomes spend so much time together producing lots of easily recognizable rollups of similar sized bells, multiple times because of the dodges, aiding careful listening and efforts to strike them cleanly.

Posted Sep 27, 2010 by Don Morrison

St Martin's Ringing Suspended

Ringing at St Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia has been temporarily suspended.

This is due to masons repairing the tower. It is hoped that this work will be complete by the middle of November. All practices are now being held at St Mark’s (Wednesday 6:45-8:30 pm) and Sunday Service ringing (10:10–10:55 am).

Posted Sep 26, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

All NAGCR band scores Bristol Max

All-resident NAGCR band scores Bristol Max peal on ...

Saturday, September 18, 2010, at Trinity-Wall Street. Well done to all!

Details of current reported NA ringing performances are now available at Event Reports.

Posted Sep 25, 2010 by L.Barnett

NAGCR AGM in the news

NAGCR AGM in the news...

Posted Sep 23, 2010 by Don Morrison

Update added Sep 23, 2010 by Scott Stricker

Thank you Don for posting this! Below is the full article:

LITTLE ROCK — The sound of clanging bells will fill the air Oct. 1-3 as Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Little Rock hosts the annual General Meeting of the North American Guild of Change Ringers.

The church has one of only a few change ringing towers in North America, and the convention will draw visitors from across the country, as well as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. More than 60 ringers are expected to attend.

“It’s a very big event ... and we’re really excited about hosting the festival this year and hope everyone enjoys it,” said Scott Stricker, ringing master for the Trinity Cathedral Ringing Society.

Change ringing is popular in the United Kingdom, where the bells are heard at Westminster Abbey in London, as well as at many other churches. The bells are less common in America but some groups, including the Trinity Cathedral Ringing Society and others across the country, are preserving the ancient practice.

Change ringing involves large brass bells weighing hundreds of pounds, which are rung by pulling a rope to set the bell in motion. During each ring the bell swings 360 degrees. Ringers don’t play tunes like those done with hand bells or carillons. Instead the bells ring in descending note order to create a pattern.

Last year’s gathering was at Trinity Wall Street in New York City and several members of the Little Rock group attended. Guild members are widely scattered so the gatherings offer a time to catch up and visit with old friends. And, of course, there will be time for plenty of bell ringing.

“As we do with most festivals, we ring a lot,” Stricker said.

The group regularly rings the church bells before and sometimes after the 9 a.m. Sunday service. They alsoring for special events, weddings and funerals. When the louvers of the tower are opened, the bells can be heard blocks away across the downtown neighborhood. Stricker said they’ve alerted their neighbors about the three-day event.

“It’s pretty loud ... but we’ve got good neighbors and they understand what’s going on,” Stricker said.

During the meeting at Trinity, visitors are welcome to drive by or stop and listen. Optimal times for listening will be Oct. 2 and 3. Information is available online at trinitycathedralringing or Both sites offer listeners the opportunity to hear a sample of change ringing.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is at 310 W. 17th St.

Religion, Pages 32 on 09/23/2010

Redundant 10cwt eight for sale by the University of Washington, Seattle

Sale of redundant 10 cwt eight announced by University of Washington (UW), Seattle USA...

Full detail and contacts at UW link.

These are six bells originally from Writtle with some fittings, plus two new Whitechapel bells, all tuned/retuned by Whitechapel in 2004 to make a 10cwt eight. They were originally intended for Seattle, but the tower renovations proved too expensive and instead a lighter ring was installed.

Rebecca Woodgate

Posted Sep 17, 2010 by Rebecca A Woodgate


It's only two weeks off!

Anyone still on the fence: We're still accepting stragglers!

But, if you are and haven't let Mary know, please do so IMMEDIATELY!

Posted Sep 15, 2010 by Porter Brownlee

CANCELED - Sep 11 Mid-Atlantic Area Mtg in Frederick MD

Because of low attendance, tomorrow's Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting in Frederick, MD has been canceled.

Posted Sep 10, 2010 by Quilla Roth

Update: Earthquake damage report, Christchurch Cathedral, NZ

Update: Earthquake damage report, ChristChurch Cathedral, NZ . . .

as provided to nag-talk and nagcr lists on 9/10/10:

"Further to my previous notice: ChristChurch Cathedral in New Zealand will be closed for the next 4 to 6 weeks. There is no structural damage consequent on the recent earthquake but loose pieces of mortar and sandstone are likely to fall during after shocks. There are two cracks in the belfry that have yet to be inspected, so it will be obvious that the bells won't be rung for at least the period of closure.

"We appreciate very much messages of concern and support from ringers around the world."

Mike Clayton, Ringing Master, ChristChurch Cathedral, New Zealand


From Mike Clayton, Christchurch Ringing Master, September 4, 2010: "I've received a number of messages from folks concerned about our situation. At 04:35 on Saturday morning NZ time the city was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. There were no fatalities and only 3 major injuries. A lot of older buildings in the city and suburbs have suffered major damage and the central city area is currently cordoned off.

"Of interest to the ringing community is that the Cathedral Bell Tower is under inspection by the civil engineer. He has concerns about some cracking that has appeared in the belfry. Until these concerns are resolved there will be no ringing at the Cathedral.

"St Pauls, Papanui is, as I understand, undamaged."

Posted Sep 07, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

AGM Anyone?

AGM anyone?

Good morning,

Though the deadline is technically passed, we're pretty certain there are several individuals who intend to come but from whom we've not yet heard.

Just for a meals headcount, it would be very helpful if you'd let Mary know your intentions so that we may plan exotic victuals accordingly.

Mary's email address is:



Posted Aug 17, 2010 by Porter Brownlee

New Peal and Quarter Peal submission form

The form for submitting NAGCR Peals and Quarters has moved from its old home at to Campanophile. Many thanks to Tony Parry who is now hosting it for us as a bespoke form on Campanophile. If this is the first time you have used the new form, you should definitely read the advice below: while this new form is actually a little more flexible than the old, it is different so things may not work as you expect if you've been using the old form.

Click to access the new Campanophile-hosted form.

Presumably a link to the new form will soon be made a permanent feature of the NAGCR web site in some way, probably in the ""Resources & Links" block.

By submitting performances to Campanophile using this new, NAGCR-specific form details will be automatically sent to the NAGCR Newsletter Editor or Peal Secretary, as appropriate, too. Note that it is appropriate to use this for submitting all of

If you like, when making such a submission it is possible to have it also automatically forwarded to The Ringing World for publication there, too. That is, this form gives one stop shopping, allowing you to enter the details once for publication in all three of The Clapper, The Ringing World and Campanophile, as well as providing the required details for peals to the Peal Secretary.

Advice for submitters

To use this form you do have to register with Campanophile. If you have not already done so, this is a simple process. When you access the form it will ask you to login. If you have not previously registered simply click the link labeled "Register." It will ask for your email address and name. Once you've provided these it will send you a brief message by email with a password, which you can use to login in. The first time you login it will offer to change your password to whatever you like it to be. It is recommended that you not use a high-value password, such as whatever you might use for your bank's web site! If you do not use a shared computer and wish to have Campanophile remember you so you do not have to login every time you use it simply click the box labeled "Automatic Login" when you do login.

Once you have logged in you will see a form for submitting a performance. The association is initialized to "North American Guild." If you are entering a peal rung in North America but for a different association simply type the correct association here.

If you are reporting a handbell peal or quarter be sure to click the radio button labeled "Hand."

If you pick a tower from the popup list labeled "Tower" the Location, State/Province, Dedication or Address, and Tenor Weight will default to those given. However, by filling in the relevant boxes you can change any or all of these as you see fit. For handbell performances you will normally need to supply all of this information by hand. Note that if you rang a peal on, say, the front six of your tower's bells you should update at least the Tenor Weight to the correct one.

If you report a performance promptly you can probably just pick a date from the popup of dates, which contains dates for the past two and a half weeks. For older performances you will have to instead enter the date in the box next to this popup, in the format dd/mm/yyyy. Note that this is a UK web site, so the date format has the day before the month. So, for example, February 3, 2009 would be entered as "03/02/2009".

The rest of the fields should be self-explanatory.

When entering the various ringers follow the conductor with "(C)".

For peals, please also supply the composition used, for the Peal Secretary's records. Note that the composition is only for the NAGCR's records; it is not passed on to The Ringing World nor stored by Campanophile.

When you click "Submit" the details will be posted on Campanophile, and sent to either the NAGCR Newsletter Editor or Peal Secretary, depending upon the length of the performance. A page will be displayed showing what you have submitted.

If you wish to also submit your performance to The Ringing World simply click the link labeled "The Ringing World." A form will be presented with the details being sent to The Ringing World. Normally this will be exactly as it should be, but if you would like to edit it in some way you have an opportunity in this form to do so. Don't forget to push the button that actually sends this information off to The Ringing World when you're happy with it!

If at some subsequent point you discover that you need to make a correction to the information you've entered go to the Campanophile web site, login if necessary, and click on the link on the left side labeled "Submit/Amend." This will present you with a list of the performances you've submitted. Click on the appropriate one, and adjust the details as necessary. When you click "Update" the details on Campanophile will be updated, and a new copy will be sent to the NAGCR Newsletter Editor or Peal Secretary as appropriate. Note, however, that you cannot update the composition this way. If you need to update the composition for a peal please email your correction directly to the Peal Secretary <>.

If you need to you can also delete a submission from the "Submit/Amend" page. This is useful if a performance is accidentally submitted twice, perhaps by two different people.

Note that you can only amend or delete performances you have submitted when logged in as that particular user. If you wish to amend something someone else has submitted you must ask the person that did submit it to please update it.

Peals Rung for the North American Guild

The Guild's constitution states "A peal shall be credited to the Guild only if: all members of the band are Guild Members, and at least half are Resident Members; [and] complete details of the peal, including the composition, have been received by the Peal Secretary."


Many thanks to Tony Parry for adding this special form to Campanophile specifically for the use of the NAGCR.

Also thank you to Laura Dickerson who for several years laboriously copied by hand details from our old submission system into Campanophile. We hope she enjoys the rest this new system should provide her!

Posted Aug 16, 2010 by Don Morrison

Wall Street Journal Feature about Trinity

Trinity Wall Street ringer featured in WSJ.

Posted Aug 13, 2010 by Laura Dickerson

Hendersonville anniversary weekend news coverage

Hendersonville Anniversary Weekend news coverage.

Posted Aug 11, 2010 by Don Morrison

Second Full Peal Attempt on Orleans Tower!

UK visitors to attempt second peal on bells at Church of the Transfiguration.

Thursday, August 5, 2:00 pm -- The Bishopstoke Ringers and Friends from England will visit the Bell Tower at the Church of the Transfiguration at Rock Harbor, Orleans, to ring a Full Peal on the tower's 10 change-ringing bells. If successful, this will be the second full peal to be rung on these bells.

Posted Jul 30, 2010 by Sr. Alicia Mitman

Dates announced for 2011 Toronto NAGCR AGM

2011 NAGCR AGM will be held September 23-25 in Toronto . . .

St. James' Cathedral ringers hosting. Details for ringing sessions preceding the AGM to be announced at a later date. Contact Robin Clarke or Madeleine Cheesman for more details. See calendar entry also at this website.

Posted Jul 29, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

First Full Peal Attempt in Orleans

On Sunday, July 25th, the First Full Peal attempt will be made on the Bells of the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans. The ringers will be our friends from Boston and New York, along with one of our own, Br. Matthew Gillis, tenoring behind.

Posted Jul 23, 2010 by Alicia Mitman

Update added Jul 27, 2010 by Lyn Barnett

First Peal on the bells at Orleans, MA! Church of the Transfiguration. Sunday, 25 July 2010. 5021 Grandsire Caters. Edward J. Futcher (C). See all peal details at

Request from the Steward of the Rolls of Honour

Alan Regin, a London-based ringer, is the Steward of the Central Council Rolls of Honour, a set of two large books housed at St. Paul's Cathedral in London; in them are recorded the names of ringers who gave their lives in World War I and World War II, respectively. Through Alan's research, many more names have been found and added to the books, and unfortunately, the Great War (WWI) book is now full. It has been recommended that a new book, complete with vellum pages and professional calligraphy, be created. Alan is asking for donations from the world-wide fraternity of ringers to help pay for this. Please read the article in the upcoming issue of The Clapper for a more detailed description of this very worthy work. Contact Alan Regin with questions or comments.

Posted Jul 22, 2010 by Kathryn Tucker

Wall Street Journal profiles ringer Jenny Mackley

In its "Odd Jobs" feature, The Wall Street Journal has profiled Jenny Mackley, who rings at Trinity Wall Street. With footage of ringers ringing and bells swinging.

Posted Jul 20, 2010 by Jeremy Bates

Death of Smith Ringer

Kurt Ward, a Smith ringer, died July 13 at the age of 34 . . .

following an accident at the Deerfield, MA train yard. He was also an Eagle Scout, high school state swimming champion, and a community theater and model train enthusiast. Michael Bush of Smith wrote: "Kurt joined the Smith band in Spring 2009 and had made steady progress as a ringer especially in the last 6 months. He was warm and good natured, always willing to offer help when something needed to be done around the tower. " Kurt had attended the annual Groton outing on July 10.

A newspaper report of the accident provides more detail. There will be a memorial service Saturday, July 17 at 2 pm at St. Peter's, Weston, MA. Ringers in Northampton and the Boston area are making plans to attend.

Posted Jul 16, 2010 by Dianne S P Cermak

Update added Jul 27, 2010 by Michael Bush

Elizabeth, I and a number of other ringers attended Kurt's memorial service at St. Peter's in Weston, MA on July 17. It was a beautiful service and a fitting tribute to him. Several Boston ringers gave a short demonstration of change ringing on handbells at the conclusion of the service.

We passed on the many messages of condolence that we received from those not able to attend. The family were very appreciative and replied: "Thank you so much for your messages directly after the service with names of the bell ringers and the subsequent information about the quarter peal's and details. We treasure this information and know that Kurt would be so honored and touched to be remembered in this way."

We plan to ring a quarter peal at the Smith tower in Kurt's memory in the near future including as many of the local band as is feasible.

2011 Steel City Ringing Festival

Save the date: the 2011 Steel City Ringing Festival will be held 15–17 July 2011 at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh. Please see our calendar entry for more details.

Posted Jul 07, 2010 by Donald F Morrison

Temporary change in practice at St Martin's, Philadelphia

Due to St Martin's having special outdoor services on Wednesday evenings in July and August, we will be ringing at St Mark's on July 21 and August 4 instead of at St Martin's.

Posted Jul 06, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

Possible Ringing Opportunities made available to North American Guild in London

Below is a email message from Philip Vracas (a member of the Middlesex and London Diocesan Guild of Change Ringers) to the President regarding possible ringing in London for August.

Please note that the following is an invitation of interest to North American Guild members (and guests) and is not a North American Guild sponsored or sanctioned event.

"In short we would be looking to host 10-20 ringers from the NAG for a week in Spitalfields in some brand new (and unused) London university accommodation - right in the City of London. We would then arrange ringing to suit the aspirations of the visitors - whether training and practice in certain methods, or QPs or even perhaps the odd peal, depending on what people wanted. To add leaven in the lump and make the week an enjoyable holiday, we would pepper the week with trips to popoluar sites in London (St Paul's, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Place etc) and some train rides outside London to places like Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury. I always think a boat trip down the Thames to Greenwich and a ring there is a lovely thing to do on a fine day."

Please indicate your interest by mid-July to:

Philip Vracas,

34 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6QR.

(tel: + 44 207 375 1797 or Mob: +44 7905 1000 22)

Posted Jun 29, 2010 by Scott Stricker

Hendersonville Ringing Course

Triples Training Course in Hendersonville

Please join us in Hendersonville for Thursday and Friday, August 12 and 13 before their Anniversary weekend gets under way on Friday evening.

This course will have two aims:

Firstly for people who want to consolidate ringing touches of Plain Bob and Grandsire Triples to have the opportunity of an extended practice;

Secondly for people who want to begin to call touches to have the opportunity to do so.

So that everybody gets a good ring we may have to limit the participants. There is a need for experienced triples ringers to come and assist.

If you are interested in a ringing course this summer, this might be the one for you. The Hendersonville group is eager to have a successful event.

Everybody is welcome and there will be no charge – just a donation towards beverages and snacks will be appreciated. For more information please contact me () or Bob Aldinger (). Please respond by August 1.

Cheers, Bruce

Posted Jun 21, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

New Information and Registration Form for 2010 AGM in Little Rock!

New Information and Registration Form for 2010 AGM in Little Rock!

Located on the Guild Calender at:

or at:

Posted Jun 07, 2010 by Scott Stricker

Update added Aug 13, 2010 by Don Morrison

Quick reminder to procrastinators: the deadline for registering is 15 August!

Changes to Old North Practice Schedule

Beginning in July, ringing practice at Old North Church in Boston will be held alternately on Saturdays and Sundays.

So, for example, in July practices will be held as follows:
* Saturday, July 3: 11 AM - 1 PM
* SUNDAY, July 11: 2 PM - 4 PM
* Saturday, July 17: 11 AM - 1 PM
* SUNDAY, July 25: 2 PM - 4 PM
* Saturday, July 31: 11 AM - 1 PM

The general pattern will be to practice on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month and on the Saturday of the remaining weekends in the month. So, in August, the Sunday practices will be on the 8th and the 22nd while on the other weekends, practice will be held at the traditional Saturday time. We will be evaluating this new pattern as we go along and will post notices to this spot, the Old North entry in the Towers list, and to key listservs if there should be any further changes.

Posted May 25, 2010 by Dianne S P Cermak

Orleans Bell Tower Blessing and Visit from Whitechapel

Cape Cod Church Celebrates Anniversary with Bell Tower Blessing and Visit from Whitechapel

Saturday & Sunday, June 12 & 13 – The Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, Massachusetts celebrates its 10th Dedication Anniversary with a full weekend of events! On Saturday, special guests Alan and Kathryn Hughes of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London will give a talk. On Sunday, the Church Bell Tower (home to a set of 10 change-ringing bells, cast by Whitechapel) will be blessed during the service of Eucharist. The Advent Guild of Bellringers from Boston, MA and other ringing friends will also be on hand to ring the tower’s first ever quarter peal. Other events during the weekend include organ concerts, a Spirit of America Wind Ensemble concert, artist talks, Choral Evensong with Gloriæ Dei Cantores, and Elements Theatre Company's presentation of "The Doorway" by Phyllis Tickle. All are welcome! For more information and tickets for the Dedication Anniversary weekend, visit or call 508-240-2400. (The Church of the Transfiguration, 5 Bayview Drive, Orleans, MA 02653)

Posted May 19, 2010 by Sr. Alicia Mitman

Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting - New Castle

Unfortunately, the New Castle Area Meeting in May will not take place this year. Immanuel Church sponsored A Day in Old New Castle for 85 years and this year announced a hiatus for 2010. Although 2 other organizations have made the effort to have a replacement event this year, at this point we still do not know if and when there may or may not be ringing and if the ringers would get gratis admittance to the houses and gardens as before. Connie King and Sue Clopper have reluctantly canceled ringing on that day.

We look forward to having this back on the calendar next year. But, please remember the New Castle Dinner on November 13. Everyone welcome to come and attend.

Posted May 02, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

First Tower Bell Peal of Surprise Maximus in the US by an All-Resident Band

First Tower Bell Peal of Surprise Maximus in the US by an All-Resident Band rung at Trinity Wall Street on Sunday, March 28. Congratulations to all the ringers. For details click here.

Posted Mar 31, 2010 by Dianne S P Cermak

New Photo & Video Feature

Check out our two new features -- "Photo and Video Albums" and "Photo of the Day"! You should see them as open widgets on the Home Page or you can always find them by clicking on their links in the "Resources & Links" widget. Easy to view and easy to upload new images! For more about it, click HERE.

Posted Mar 25, 2010 by Dianne S P Cermak

Congratulations to Shreveport on being the cover story in the March 6th Ringing World.

Posted Mar 05, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

Go to <> for a precis of the article.

Ring Around Charleston in the news

Ring Around Charleston in the news.

Posted Feb 19, 2010 by Donald F Morrison

Vernal Equinox Update

The Annual Celebration of the Vernal Equinox is to be held in Philadelphia over the weekend of March 19-21.

Unfortunately due to a concert in the church there will be no ringing on Friday evening at St Martin’s. If there is enough interest, we will check on the availability of the bells at St Mark’s for a session from 6:30-8:00 PM.

We look forward to seeing many of you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Registration forms are found on the calendar page.

Posted Jan 31, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

Update added Mar 15, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

There will be ringing at St Mark's on Friday evening. Black Sheep following the ringing.

2010 Pittsburgh Ringing Course

The 2010 Pittsburgh Ringing Course at Southminster Presbyterian Church will be held the weekend of 23-25 July, and will be aimed at those learning to ring surprise, or hoping to improve their skills at ringing simple surprise methods.

Please note that this is a week earlier than was originally posted on the calendar on this web site. Further details about the course can be found at Those interested in joining the course as students please contact Don Morrison <>.

Posted Jan 31, 2010 by Donald F Morrison

Exchange Rates 2010

The NAGCR exchange rates for subscriptions, memberships, and the like as of February 1, 2010 will be 1.00 US$ = 0.60 GB£ and = 1.05 CAN$.

Contact Rosalie Crouch, Treasurer, with any questions or concerns.

Posted Jan 26, 2010 by Rosalie Crouch

Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting - Washington, DC

The February Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting will be held in DC. on Saturday, February 13. Ringing times: 10 am-noon at the Old Post Office Tower and 2 pm-4pm at the National Cathedral.

Please be informed that with the morning ringing at the OPOT there have been changes in the parking situation. It appears that it will cost $2 an hour with a two hour limit all around town on Saturdays.

This is Presidents' Weekend and an excellent time to visit the area. Please join us.

Posted Jan 26, 2010 by Bruce N Butler

Ring Around Charleston Event Details

Reminder! Ring around Charleston will be held February 19th to 21st. There will be ringing at all four Charleston towers and at all levels from rounds to surprise royal. Please register by February 12th.

We will have strong ringers at every session. We will also be attempting quarter peals, from doubles to royal. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

Special events:

Do join us. Registration is $15 and covers the Friday reception. The Saturday dinner is $25. Registration forms are on the NAGCR web site and also at Please register by February 12th.

For further information, do contact me at .

Hope to see you in a few weeks. (Today it is 70 deg.!)


Posted Jan 25, 2010 by Rosalie Crouch

Five Towers Ringing Festival in Houston, TX April 9-11, 2010

I am SO happy to announce the Five Towers Festival which will take place in Houston, Texas this year! We're getting excited... are you?

A mini-course will precede the festival and will begin on Thursday, April 8 and will end at noon on Friday, April 9, when the festival will officially begin.

We are also happy to have Alan Regin visit us during the event. Alan often acts as a course instructor. Alan is also the judge of our local and light-hearted striking competition.

For more information and registration forms, please visit this website. Feel free to make as many copies as you need to pass out to your tower. The more, the merrier!

If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact me at and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

As you've probably heard, we have a pretty good time down here, so grab your boots and hat and mosey on down. We promise you a good time and we might actually learn something about ringing in the meantime!

Take care!

Dawn Uebelhart,

St. Paul's, Houston

Posted Jan 19, 2010 by Dawn Uebelhart

Results of NAGCR General Election

The results of the NAGCR General Election are now available at the Member Discussion pages.

Posted Jan 04, 2010 by Lyn A Barnett