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Announcements Archive: 2009

Please consider helping Campanophile's future

Please consider helping Campanophile's future: Many of the active peal and quarter peal ringers in North America look at and post on Campanophile regularly. To date it has largely been sustained by the generosity of those that started it. Tony Parry is currently trying to put it on a more sustainable footing. You can read more about this on the front page of Campanophile.

If all of us who use Campanophile regularly make a small donation each year it can help ensure this wonderful resource doesn't go away. I encourage those of you that do use it to consider doing just this.

Truth in advertising disclaimer: Tony called my first quarter peal! Also, one of the founders of Campanophile is well known to many of us, having learned to ring at Kalamazoo: Tina Stoecklin.

Posted Dec 30, 2009 by Don Morrison

Hendersonville Change Ringers in the News

Excellent article about change ringing in Hendersonville in Asheville, NC magazine:

Click here and then scroll down the left side of the page to find the Hendersonville link near the bottom.

Posted Dec 29, 2009 by Robert Aldinger

Excerpt of Shreveport Ringing on YouTube

Shreveport bells on YouTube:

Some Cambridge Suprise Minor on the new Shreveport bells.

Posted Dec 22, 2009 by David H Graves

Fred E Dukes International Bell Fund 2010 grant applications invited

Grant applications invited for bell restoration projects; Deadline January 31, 2010.

Fred E Dukes International Bell Fund 2010 grant applications invited: Applications are invited for allocation of grants towards bell restoration projects outside the British Isles. The primary purpose of the Fund is to support sterling expenditure with the UK bell founders.

Applications must be received by 31 January 2010.

Full details can be found by contacting Jackie Roberts via from whom application forms and guidance are also available.

Jackie Roberts
CC Bell Restoration Committee

Posted Dec 22, 2009 by Jackie Roberts

Time left to send in your NAGCR Ballot until 12/31/09

Time remaining to vote -- December 31 is the deadline for receipt of ballots by NAGCR for the general election.

If you need a ballot, please so indicate to .

Posted Dec 18, 2009 by Lyn A Barnett

2010 Ringing Courses in England

UK ringing courses deadlines approaching: Range of options, book soon!

These courses run the gamut of offerings. Please note that they are very popular, book up quickly, and have early deadlines.


Cheers, Bruce Butler
NAGCR Education Officer

Posted Dec 16, 2009 by Bruce N Butler

Candidate Statements & Officer Duties

Current election: Candidate & Officer info now available on Member Discussion page. Click HERE for direct link.

Posted Dec 07, 2009 by Lyn Barnett

NAGCR Constitution and Bylaws available here

See the current NAGCR Constitution and Bylaws at this website.

Click on "Getting Started" in the Resources and Links box on the home page, then select "About the Guild". The Constitution and Bylaws can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of that page titled "About the NAGCR".

Or, just click on

Posted Nov 29, 2009 by Lyn A Barnett

NAGCR Ballot Deadline - December 31

December 31 is the deadline for receipt of ballots by NAGCR for the general election.

An incorrect date was regrettably printed on the paper ballot mailed with The Clapper. The e-ballots include the correct date of December 31. The Executive Committee apologizes for this discrepancy and for any inconvenience caused thereby.

Posted Nov 23, 2009 by Lyn A Barnett

World Wide Ringing Requested

The World Council of Churches requests worldwide ringing at 3.00 pm on Sunday 13 December.

The date will be mid-way through crucial international talks on climate change in Copenhagen. The global initiative is being promoted in the change ringing fraternity by Operation Noah, the climate campaign for British churches. Please see for more details, or send email to request PDFs with tips for organisers on arranging a special touch of 350 changes and local publicity.

Posted Nov 23, 2009 by Dianne S P Cermak

Update added Dec 11, 2009 by Margaret Ketchen

KAIROS is asking every church in the country to ring its church bells 350 times for climate justice on Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 3:00pm.

That is a day of action for churches around the world. A global bell ringing action is timed to coincide with an ecumenical service that the World Council of Churches is coordinating at the height of the talks in Copenhagen. When it ends at 3:00 pm, churches all over Denmark will ring their bells.

Why church bells? Because for thousands of years they’ve been used to warn people of imminent danger and also to call people to action.

Why 350 times? Because according to climate experts, 350 parts per million (ppm) is the upper limit for carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in our atmosphere. Until about 200 years ago, our atmosphere contained 275 ppm of CO2, but now the concentration stands at 390 ppm. Unless we are able to rapidly reduce, we risk irreversible impacts on all of Creation.

The ringers at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, B.C., Canada, will ring a special touch of 350 changes that morning, instead of in the afternoon, in order to avoid another trip to the Cathedral, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

New Member Page Available

New page now available for Member Discussions of ballot issues and other Guild-related matters.

Any member wishing to discuss matters related to the principles, operations, etc. of the NAGCR may post ideas, proposals, alternatives, and the like to the new Member Discussion page. Members may also post a response to earlier postings by others.

Your name will be attached to your comments, so be civil; in particular, please do not name or quote from others without their explicit permission.

Posted Nov 22, 2009 by Dianne S P Cermak

Reminder - Ringing World Diary 2010

Ringing World Diary 2010 available

Time is running out to obtain a 2010 Ringing World Diary. Please send an email to giving me your order.

Standard – USD $11.50 – CDN $12.00
Standard with Pencil in spine - USD$11.75 – CDN $12.50
Leather – USD $19.50 – CDN $21.00

Add USD $2.50- CDN $2.75 each if you wish airmail (not really necessary!)


Quantity/Which kind?

Amount Enclosed

Send a check in US funds
payable to NAGCR Book Service to:
Bruce Butler
829 North 25th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

If you wish to pay in CDN funds, please let me know.

Posted Nov 11, 2009 by Bruce N Butler

Ballot Issue Information Coming Soon

Information and discussion relevant to the ballot issues in the upcoming election will be available on the website within ten days.

A new Member Discussion page is under development and is expected to become active on or before November 21st. This new feature will offer the opportunity to read, post, and comment on matters pertaining to Guild concerns to members only.

Posted Nov 11, 2009 by Dianne S P Cermak

Orleans Photos attached to Sr. Alicia's article

Videos & Photos of tower, bells, and ringers of Orleans now attached to latest article.

Click here to take you directly to Sr. Alicia's article about the Orleans ringers' experiences getting going with their new bells.

Posted Nov 09, 2009 by Dianne Cermak

AGM 12-Bell Ringing Course Slides

PowerPoint slides from AGM 12-Bell Ringing Course

For anyone interested, I've uploaded the PowerPoint slides that were used for the Erin Cinques and Kent TB Maximus ringing course that was run at Trinity Wall Street as part of the 2009 AGM. They appear under the Education section which you can link to directly by clicking here. The slides cover the same techniques that were used to develop the Trinity band in the run-up to the first local band peal, of Erin Cinques, at the end of 2008. I hope you find them useful -- Tim

Posted Oct 19, 2009 by Tim Barnes

Taylors sold.

Taylors sold.

Posted Oct 16, 2009 by Lyn Barnett

Brewster Kent ON for 10/17

Brewster-Kent Area Meeting is ON for Saturday Oct. 17th

Starting around 10 AM in Brewster. Please park in the rear parking lot by the playground. The door at the bottom of the path will be open. Coffee, tea, and goodies provided.

Ringing until lunchtime in Brewster. Pizza can be ordered in at Brewster or cars can stop on the way to Kent.

Beginners will be attending so expect Rounds, Call Changes, and Plain Hunt. Also, expect opportunities for Stedman Doubles/Triples, Cambridge Minor/Major, along with assorted Minor and Doubles Methods.

Posted Oct 14, 2009 by Dianne Cermak

Bob Stokes 1928-2009

Bob Stokes 1928-2009

Bob Stokes, who was among many other things, a ringer in Minneapolis, died over the weekend. Click these links for more information and memorial peal

Posted Oct 12, 2009 by Dianne Cermak

2010, 2011 NAGCR AGMs sites annnounced

Little Rock to host AGM in October 2010.

Exact dates and event details for the ringing festival and meeting at Trinity Cathedral in Arkansas are tba. For 2011 the NAGCR is pleased to accept Toronto's invitation to return to Canada for its 40th AGM at St. James Cathedral.

Posted Oct 11, 2009 by Lyn Barnett

October Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting is ON for October 10th

Oct 8, 2009 -- The Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting is *on* for Saturday, October 10 at Washington, DC.

The meeting scheduled for Saturday October 10 is happening. We're happy to say that enough people are planning to come to make it viable. All are welcome to come and ring.

Ringing times are: 10AM-noon OPOT and 2PM- 4PM Cathedral.

Lunch will be provided in the Cathedral tower around 1PM.

Note that parking may be tight at the Cathedral because the Natioinal Accolyte Festival is also being held there on October 10.

Lastly, the band has already been set for the 4PM wedding that Bruce mentioned in his announcement.

/Quilla Roth

Posted Oct 08, 2009 by Quilla Roth

Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting - October 10

October Mid-Atlantic meeting may be cancelled unless more ringers sign up by Oct 4.

Important information regarding the October meeting:
If you are planning on attending please let Mary Clark know by Sunday, October 4 at and cc me. The WRS will make a decision to have the meeting if there are at least 5 non-Washington ringers attending. Otherwise it may be cancelled.

Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting - Saturday, October 10 at Washington, DC Ringing times as follows: 10AM-noon OPOT and 2PM- 4PM Cathedral There will be a wedding at 4 with a quarter peal and out of towners may be asked to participate.
All welcome to come and ring.

-- Bruce Butler

Posted Sep 25, 2009 by B. Butler

Redundancies at Taylor's

Done in by expense of new roof, Taylor's lays off 13 of 28 staff.

See update on Loughborough foundry at

Posted Sep 24, 2009 by Lyn Barnett

Also a ULSCR member?

Seeking ULSCR members!

I'm trying to identify University of London Society of Change Ringers (ULSCR) members in North America with the goal of eventually having a ULSCR event of resident North American members.

If you are a ULSCR member or know of one, could you please contact me directly at: ?


Gregory Watson

Posted Sep 23, 2009 by Gregory Watson

Orleans Dedication

Invitation to the dedication of the new ring in Orleans MA posted.

Details can be found on The Church of the Transfiguration's website as well as on Campanophile. Though the invitation is open to all, the total ringing time will be only about one hour, so Ed Futcher, who is going to be managing the ringing, expects that any visiting ringers would get at the very most one very short touch. If you are considering attending please contact the Church at the phone or email they give in their announcements and in addition, please let Ed Futcher know.

Posted Sep 18, 2009 by Dianne Cermak

NA Ringing in the Ringing World

Monthly RW column about North American ringing in the September 11 issue.

The first installment of Kathryn Tucker's "From Across the Pond: A round-up of reports from towers in the North American Guild of Change Ringers" can be found on page 935 of The Ringing World, No. 5133. This particular report summarizes summertime visits and events as originally reported in The Clapper. Next month we can look forward to the first of a series of columns highlighting one particular North American tower in each. Well done, Kathryn, and thank you!

Posted Sep 17, 2009 by Dianne Cermak

2010 Ringing World Diary

Ringing World Diary 2010 available

To obtain a 2010 Ringing World Diary please send a check in US or CDN funds
payable to NAGCR Book Service to:
Bruce Butler
829 North 25th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard – USD $11.50 – CDN $12.00
Standard with Pencil in spine - USD$11.75 – CDN $12.50
Leather – USD $19.50 – CDN $21.00

Add USD $2.50- CDN $2.75 each if you wish airmail


Quantity/Which kind?

Amount Enclosed

Posted Sep 08, 2009 by Bruce Butler

Great article in The New York Times

Check out the great coverage of the NAGCR AGM in The New York Times:

Free registration to the NY Times site may be required.

Posted Sep 07, 2009 by Don Morrison

Adjustment of NAGCR Exchange Rates

The 2009 NAGCR exchange rates for subscriptions, memberships, and the like will be re-evaluated and changed as necessary.

This action was taken in response to the recent rapid change in currency values and in order to preserve equity for all parties, through Executive Committee vote by email on 10/26/08.

As of July 1, 2009, it has been determined that the appropriate exchange rate will be:

1.00 US$ = 0.60 GB£ and = 1.10 CAN$. Contact Rosalie Crouch, Treasurer, with any questions or concerns.

Posted Jul 23, 2009 by Rosalie Crouch

Call for NAGCR 2009 Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the NAGCR to be held on Saturday afternoon, September 5, 2009, at Trinity, Wall Street, New York City.

The agenda for the Meeting shall include (but not be limited to) review and adoption of the Annual Report, an interim report from the President on the current year, and announcement of all items approved for the ballot as of 9/5/09.

For issues to be decided during the General Meeting, the majority shall rule, and only Resident Members may vote. Please submit items for the agenda and names of members deceased since the last AGM to .

Posted Jul 20, 2009 by Lyn Barnett

William H. Jackson

William H. Jackson, the first "Secretary-Treasurer" of the NAGCR, died on Easter Sunday in England.

As Secretary-Treasurer, Bill carried out the work that is now distributed across five of the seven Executive Committee members and did so with enthusiasm and energy that was crucial to the formation of the Guild. He was voted Honorary Life Member of the Guild in 1974. He had made his home in England for about thirty years. A more complete obituary will follow.

Posted Apr 13, 2009 by NAGCR Public Relations Officer