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250th Anniversary of Clock and Bells

St. Michael's Church, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston area

September 20–21, 2014

September 20-21 is the 250th Anniversary of the Clock and Bells at St. Michael's Church.

According to George W. William's history of St. Michael's: "St. Michael's Charleston 1751 -1951" the first recorded ringing of the bells was for the Baptism of the infant Betsy Bramfield on September 21st 1764. Quoting from that book, "It is to be remarked that the bells in St Michael's steeple arrived the day Betsy was born and rung the first time the day she was christened," (p. 246).

The weekend's details can be found at

Online registration is free.

September is a terrific time to visit Charleston, S.C. and we hope you can join us for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration !

Details can be found at; online registration is free.
Contact: Kit Matthew

Event Reports

by Kit Matthew

Included here is George Williams' text in honor of the event. George read this on Sunday September 21st, 2014 at the celebration service held in St. Michael's Church. A full report will be forthcoming in the Clapper.