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Change Ringing for the Future

November 12, 2011

On Saturday 12 November 2011 there will be a national conference entitled "Change Ringing for the Future". Initiated by the Central Council Education Committee, its organisers and participants now include several eminent "movers and shakers" from across the ringing spectrum. It is open to anyone who is passionate about the future of the Exercise to express their views about the long-term prospects for change ringing, especially those who have an active interest in teaching ringing. All organisations affiliated to the Central Council are asked to be represented, and in particular to sponsor two young delegates if at all possible, under 25 years of age say..

The key question these days is how to attract and retain more young ringers, and the intention of the day is to encourage as many young ringers as possible to come to the conference and to contribute to the Youth Forum. The aim is to harvest a wide range of varied, and possibly controversial, opinions; this is an opportunity for everyone to join the discussion about the future of ringing. The result will be a portfolio of practical ideas for attracting younger people into ringing and retaining their interest.

Compiling this portfolio is one thing. How to take it forward after the conference and put it into practice is another matter. Should it be left to the Central Council, meeting only once a year? Is it a matter for the Administration Committee alone? Couldn't the Council's committees better co-ordinate their efforts? Should we appoint an ad hoc group to take things forward? To what extent and how can non-Council organisations be involved? If questions like these aren't resolved then all the views expressed at the conference will be in vain. What do all of us think should happen? Views expressed on this list may well be assimilated into the final outcome.

The conference fee is £8 per person, which includes lunch and refreshments. To reserve your conference place follow the link "Change Ringing for the Future" under "What's New" on the Home page of the Council's site Print the PDF booking form, and post it with your remittance to Gill Hughes whose address is given on the form. Alternatively, download the Word version, complete the form on-screen and mail it to Gill, making a direct bank payment as instructed.

Let's hope we'll see you at Wellesbourne on 12th November.

Peter Dale

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Contact: Lyn Barnett