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2011 Steel City Ringing Festival

Southminster Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 15–17, 2011

Last minute change of schedule: there will be a funeral at Southminster on Saturday afternoon, so we've had to rearrange slightly around it. Lunch is now not until 1:00, and other ringing is rearranged as well.

The second Steel City Ringing Festival will be held 15–17 July 2011 at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh. And yes, our ringing room is air conditioned!

The weekend will consist of a mixture of general ringing sessions and quarter peal attempts. While no formal social activities are planned, there will be plenty of opportunities for impromptu socialization. If there is sufficient interrest and it can be arranged without too badly inconveniencing those of our guests who won't be ringing in it, a peal attempt may also be arranged, most likely for the second half of Sunday afternoon.

Ringing will start 6:00 pm on Friday, 15 July, occupy Saturday from breakfast to dinner time, and also all of Sunday afternoon. Pittsburgh not only is home to the only six-time Super Bowl championship football team, it is a lovely city, well worth visiting even before there were bells here: if you choose to come early to sightsee, please also join our regular practice on Thursday night.

Here's a more detailed, provisional schedule for the weekend. Based on experience and folks' interests we may change this as we go along.

Friday, 15 July

6:00 pm to 8:00: General ringing, led by Don Morrison

8:00 to 9:00: Quarter peal attempt

8:00 to ??: drinks and socializing at The Saloon, a ten minute walk from the tower

Saturday, 16 July

9:00 am to 10:00: Quarter peal attempt

10:00 to 12:00: General ringing, led by Nick Rossi

12:00 to 1:00: General ringing, led by Ted Clark

1:00 to 2:30: Lunch at 51 Castle Shannon Blvd, a few minutes walk from the tower; a donation of $3.00 / person is requested to cover the grub.

2:30 to 4:30: General ringing, led by Ross Finbow

4:30 to 5:15: Quarter peal attempt

5:15 to 6:00: Quarter peal attempt

6:15 to ??: Dinner: We'll book a large table for all those interested at Sesame Inn, a Chinese restaurant a few minutes walk from the tower. Presumably most folks will take part in a massive order of shared dishes, dividing the tab equally. Details can be seen at Sesame Inn Chinese Restaurant; it's the Mt Lebanon location we'll be going to. Note that this is one of those horribly annoying web sites that insists on playing music at you, so if you don't want that, be sure to mute your machine before clicking through.

Sunday, 17 July

10:00 to 10:55 Service at Southminster for those interested in attending

10:55 to 12:00: Service ringing, eveyone invited, led by Southminster's Ringing Master, Nick Rossi

12:00 to 1:00: Quarter peal attempt

1:00 to 2:30: General ringing, led by Don Morrison

2:30 to 6:00: Peal attempt of Cornwall Surprise Major: Ted Clark, Ross Finbow, Chris Haller (treble), David Hawkins, Mike Hinton, Don Morrison (C), Nick Rossi, Mike Schulte

Methods and bands for the quarter peal attempts will be decided once we are all gathered, and we've seen how we're ringing together, and what will make sense. Likely there will be a few opportunities for handbell ringing as well, perhaps during the quarter peal attempts.

It is likely that much of the ringing will be the usual fare of Plain Bob and Grandsire, doubles, minor, triples and major. For those surprise major ringers attending who feel able please swot up Cornwall Surprise Major, Lessness Surprise Major and Double Norwich Court Bob Major: it is likely we will have some opportunities to attempt those during the general ringing, and perhaps for one of the quarter attempts.

There is no need to register for the festival. However, if you will or might attend it would be helpful if you could let us know, to help with our planning and scheduling. Also, if you are interested in a rope in a peal attempt if there is to be one, please let us know. The easiest thing now is to just send email to Don Morrison <>.

To date, I believe the following thirteen ringers have said they will be coming from out of town to join the local band that weekend:

Here are descriptions of the hotels most convenient to Southminster. And here is a map of restaurants and other useful places close to Southminster, most an easy walk.

Contact: Don Morrison