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Hendersonville Anniversary Weekend / + possible Ringing Course

August 13–15, 2010

If this sounds familiar, we plan things comparable to our last year's event, which by most reports worked quite nicely. One addition which still needs fleshing out will be a short course on August 12-13. Bruce Butler announced this in the April Clapperand asked for inputs as to what content possible attendees would like. So please contact one or both of us if you would like to participate. Hopefully, in the next few weeks we'll have more on the course.

All are invited to join us the weekend of August 13-15, 2010 to celebrate the anniversary of the tower bells at St. James Episcopal Church Hendersonville. With sound control we have pretty much unlimited opportunities to ring through the weekend. Our plans would include early evening ringing Friday, supper/libations after ringing, a full day of ringing Saturday, Saturday evening gathering(s)/social time/eating, service ringing Sunday followed by ringing Sunday afternoon as availability of ringers supports. There will be opportunities for quarters on Saturday and Sunday depending on availability of ringers and conductors. With the expectation that participants are past the basic handling stage, we'll work in opportunities for ringing at as many levels as the participants support, and try to give everyone a fair share of the time.

The Hendersonville area became a summer retreat starting in 1827, so joining us would make you part of a long time tradition of wise visitors. Numerous opportunities exist to enjoy the area by extending your time beyond the weekend.

Check out these websites for much more information:

We'd like to know who might attend, what you would like to ring, and your interest in conducting or participating in quarter peals. So, with some indication of how likely that you will attend (e.g. For sure, very likely, interested but uncertain, etc.) please e-mail

Contact: Bob Aldinger

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by Lyn Barnett