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Apr 22—1260 Grandsire Triples, Alexandria
Apr 21—1260 Plain Bob Doubles, Miami
Apr 21—5075 Grandsire Caters, Washington
Apr 18—1260 Stedman Triples, Washington
Apr 18—0 Rounds and Call Changes, St Andrews
Apr 18—0 Tolling, Holy Trinity Cathedral
Apr 18—85 Tolling, Boston

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Apr 22—Jeff Smith died yesterday, 20 April, at home in Kalamazoo, of a heart attack, aged 88. Their son Andrew is with Carol now, and I presume Megan will be there More...

UPDATE: A memorial service for Jeff will be held at Stetson Chapel at Kalamazoo College on...

Apr 17—Althought it is Holy Week this request has come from the Central Council. More...

Apr 09—Please see calendar listing for information and registration form for Rochester's Tower Open Day, Saturday, June 15!

Apr 09—Cathy Booth has been interviewing bellringers for her Fun with Bells podcasts. She has just interviewed Bruce Butler. Listen to Bruce as he talks about ringing tours, ringing in America More...

Mar 23—Response to 'NAG Peals Database' Edward J Futcher

Feb 22—Check out our website: https://bostonagm2019.wordpress.com/, where we will continue to post updates as we know them. Stay tuned! More...


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